Before the media was widely reporting on women’s entrepreneurship, we developed a theory that helping women build businesses would be a powerful economic development mechanism, while unleashing women's wisdom throughout our entire economy and culture. We were right.

When we say women entrepreneurs are an economic and cultural revolution we mean it. Literally.

88% of women-owned business in the US are making less than $100K per year. When just 10,000 women learn to generate $100K a year in revenue, this is $1 Billion in new economic activity for their lives, their families, and ultimately, our communities and economies everywhere. 

These same women are bringing innovative values and life-affirming solutions to every industry, and every aspect of life and culture as we know it.

W.E. - women entrepreneurs - are an economic & cultural revolution."

Myka McLaughlin

Founder, WINC

Profitable business.

TO support your family.

IN A WAY THAT SUPPORTS all life on earth.


Myka, Founder

Which is why in 2011, we set to work developing a systematic approach to revenue generation for female entrepreneurs.

It took two years...hundreds of hours of learning, fretting, testing, forecasting, refining... dancing, singing, praying, dreaming, believing... until we cracked the code on the four things that make a women-owned business profitable, consistently.

Today, we’ve taught thousands of women entrepreneurs across the country and worked intimately with nearly 400 women (and counting) across continents.

Since we started, the world has come to agree with us that women entrepreneurs are a force to be heard, seen, celebrated and invested in.

WINC is proud to be a visionary leader in this movement, teaching women entrepreneurs to boldy create what has never existed before.


feminine business culture =





The SACRED + revenue

Elizabeth, CEO

There were 1821 women starting businesses in the US every day in 2018.

Partly, women are leaving jobs and organizations that don't value life-affirming business culture that supports both men, women, our children and our future. Millions of other women - artists, healers and creative types - refused to enter traditional companies that practice business-as-usual in the first place.

Talented women across this entire spectrum are wildly inspired to do ground-breaking work that transforms our economy and culture. But they require the workplace, products and ethos to be innovative and kind; profitable and wise. In service to the health of their own bodies, families, and Life.

We won't settle for less. And we don't have to.

As female business owners, we get to create our own business culture. Whatever that means to each of us.

At Denver Start Up Week 2019, WINC polled attendees to see what words they associated with Feminine Business Culture. The top five answers were:

Collaborative. Hard-working. Driven. People-Focused. Empowering."

Elizabeth Winheld



All of the amazing things you’ve heard about WINC are true. Really. 

If you’re a woman who loves what she does and wants to take her business to the next level financially, practically, and yes, spiritually and emotionally, just thank the universe that WINC has crossed your path. You won’t be disappointed."


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