6 week self-paced course

The 3 essential pillars that support a thriving business from the ground up.


This course is powerfully designed to help you take the next right step in starting or cleaning up your business with three training modules that are the foundation for a successful business.

Just like you wouldn't put the roof on a house before you laid the foundation, this course is the foundation that the rest of your business is built on.

This is also a bite-sized, pre-requisite course for women who are not yet ready for the investment and commitment of our 90-Day Business Training Program.

Build a solid business foundation.

this is for you if

  • You are new to entrepreneurship and are excited to do it effectively from day one.
  • You wake up and don't know how to spend your time to start or grow your business.
  • Months and years are going by and you're in the same place in your business.
  • You think your new business needs a website and logo first. (It doesn't... your business needs the three pillars in this course first.)
  • You often feel behind and overwhelmed by all the things you could or should do in your business.
  • You struggle to talk or write about what you do or tend to hear crickets when you put yourself out there.
  • Marketing feels really hard and you feel clueless about how to write compelling marketing copy.
  • You avoid looking closely at the money in your life and business, even though you know it’s important.
  • You have felt drawn to working with us but feel like the 90-Day Program is too big of a commitment for you right now.

Historically, this content has only been available as part of WINC's 90-Day Program. Women have said that these business foundations are worth the cost of the 90-Day Program alone.

Set yourself up for business success with:

1. Strategic Time Management & Systems

Carving out consistent time to work on creating the life and business you want is crucial to making your dreams reality. Learn to organize your time and create operational systems for success with WINC’s proven strategies that have been consistently revolutionary for hundreds of women in our 90-Day Program.  


  • How to organize your calendar so you are focused on the tasks that move your business forward everyday and all the crucial pieces of your business are answered for consistently.
  • powerful method for tackling any project and creating a plan to accomplish it, without burning out your adrenals.
  • The secret behind why you work so hard but still feel like you are treading water.
  • How to shift from the overwhelm/paralysis pendulum into consistent progress and feelings of accomplishment.
  • How to design your ideal lifestyle into your workweek.
  • The two biggest mistakes we see women make when they set goals.
  • The number one habit that will reduce your overwhelm day-to-day.


  • 2 hour recorded training with Myka, founder of WINC, to deep dive into WINC's eight most powerful Time Management systems that will allow you to take control of your time like never before.
  • Comprehensive transcript and slides to help you digest and integrate the material in your business.
  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can go through the training again and again, at your own pace.
  • Bonus video training with Elizabeth, CEO of WINC, on using Asana for project management.


"I implemented the time management systems which has been AMAZING for organizing myself! I have been exponentially more productive and focused."


2. Illuminating Your Soulmate Customer

Clarify who your business helps (what we call "Your Soulmate Customer"), because effective marketing is nearly impossible without this clarity. Plus, in this pillar we teach you how to develop the core marketing message for your brand, and how to write powerful marketing copy that actually works to attract your Soulmate Customer. This is the foundation on which your entire business is built and the pre-requisite for Product Development in our 90-Day Program.


  • An intimate understanding of your Soulmate Customer because if you don't understand exactly who your business is talking to, then your business is talking to - and resonating with - no one. Hence crickets when you try to market. Once you have this clarity, you are ready to design powerful product offerings, build an effective marketing strategy and sell with ease in our 90-Day Program.
  • powerful methodology for how to write marketing copy that is compelling and activates your Soulmate Customer to take notice of you and your business. 
  • Clarity and alignment around your business as an expression of your life’s purpose, so you can feel energized, confident and purposeful in your business for the long haul.
  • The foundation for a simpler, more organized and way more strategic business, with increased earning potential, lifestyle design and ability to scale.
  • Powerful tools for getting into your customers shoes and learning to speak their language, so you can get their attention and design offerings that they find irresistible.
  • Ways to integrate your powerful new clarity into your existing business and see how it helps you stand out from the crowd and makes marketing and selling easier.


  • 2 hour video trainings with Elizabeth Winheld, CEO of WINC, to walk you through defining your Soulmate Customer, learning how to powerfully communicate with them and how to incorporate this clarity into your business.
  • comprehensive 40+ page PDF workbook that walks you through a series of in-depth exercises help you clarify your Soulmate Customer and write powerful marketing copy to attract them.
  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can go through the training again and again, at your own pace.

a workable plan, instead of a wish or random trial

"I now understand how to simplify my business by saying no to many things in order to serve something special to my soulmate customers, while fueling my own needs. As a result, I feel peaceful, with a workable plan, instead of a wish or a random trial of something new each time. I see the purpose of my current business, and how my soulmate customers are benefiting from my offerings."


3. Your Revenue Reality

Learn to start tracking and analyzing your current financial circumstances, so that you develop the financial skills to track and analyze your business financials ongoing. This is the underlying skill set for being a financially savvy business owner, and for developing your Revenue Model & Goals in the 90-Day Program.

You will learn:

  • A powerful system for tracking how much money is coming in and out of your life and business all the time.
  • How to create new financial habits that will support your business for years to come.
  • The knowledge to set realistic revenue goals, and know when you reach them.
  • How to feel empowered with numbers to create your dreams.

what's included:

  • Recorded training with Myka, founder of WINC, to dive into our system for assessing and tracking your Revenue Reality.
  • A comprehensive spreadsheet to help you track your finances monthly
  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can go through the training again and again, at your own pace.
  • Bonus video training with Myka on using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. (We would never do business without knowledge of spreadsheets!)

For an even more comprehensive course on taking control of your finances, to build security and wealth every single month, check out our Financial Foundation course here.


"I absolutely loved this Program. It gave me a better understanding of how to manage my finances in a structural way. My biggest take away is that now I am tracking all my personal and business expenses separately. I am aware of my cash flow for the next 6 months, which allows me to plan new offerings accordingly. I think this Program was delivered in a very accessible and understanding way."


what's included

Self-Paced Material PLUS Personalized Support:

In-Depth Video Training Content:
Strategic Time & Systems, Soulmate Customer and Revenue Reality

Monthly Revenue Reality Spreadsheets

40 Page Soulmate Customer Workbook

$1000 credit for WINC's Fall 2023 90-Day Program


About Us

At WINC, we are co-creating a feminine business culture, where strategy + intuition + math + kindness + profit fuel our businesses to make life worth living and our work worth doing.

Elizabeth & Myka

CEO + founder

This course is about TAKING THE REINS to become the conscious creator of your own destiny, everyday.