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Alana Warlop

In 2017, Alana Warlop sat in her windowless therapy office and wondered if there was a way out. It wasn’t until going through WINC's 90-Day Program that Alana decided to spread her wings beyond the confines of traditional therapy to revolutionize her transformational work and her livelihood. Through the WINC Program, she went from a brick-and-mortar business to leading virtual programs, traveling around the world, and doubling her business in the process.

"Before taking the 90-Day Program, I felt like I had reached a plateau in my business. Things were just going along and I was just paying the bills... doing what I love, but knowing that there was more that I wanted to share and put out into the world. With the Program, I now have a lot of energy around my new offerings that still consist of the things I did before but now feel dynamic and a better fit for me and the lifestyle I want to live, which includes more freedom, money and travel. In WINC, I received such a deep experience of community and support, and found the trust I needed to be more creative and put myself out there. Myka was so instrumental in profound realizations that were pivotal in my growth as a woman and a business owner.  UPDATE: I'm living my dream of more freedom, more money and more travel now! I went from a brick-and-mortar business to leading virtual programs traveling all over the world, and I doubled my business doing it."

In 2017, when spiritual psychotherapist, intuitive and transformational coach Alana Warlop joined the WINC 90-Day Program, she was a full-time therapist in Denver, Colorado, trading time for money, deeply invested in service, but not in service to herself or the life she wanted to manifest. She had a full business that she ran successfully through word of mouth, but she also experienced cycles of feast or famine throughout the year that left her depleted and overwhelmed.

“I was burned out,” she explains. “As a therapist, you just energetically are taking on a lot. I knew that I was kind of edging on a max and then also not really making much money. I couldn’t figure that one out—how I was full and covering basic living costs, and still kind of struggling. So when I met Myka at a half-day workshop, I was like, ‘Yes. This is it. I need to learn all of this.’”

Alana joined the Program in the fall of 2017, and within six months of completing the program, she saw her beautiful business double in revenue. In this Case Study, you’ll learn how Alana completely transformed her business from a brick and mortar, one-on-one therapy offering to totally virtual, empowering programs where busy, modern-day women focus on trauma healing, intuition, self-regulation and sovereignty in a safe and loving container. And this revelation in product development didn’t only transform her offerings—it revolutionized her revenue from a salary of $50,000 to $120,000 a year.

“[The Program] really opened up this space of being able to look at—and see with support, with no shame, with no guilt—all of the pieces that I had never learned how to do.” Among the top takeaways for Alana were money mindset work and marketing, two areas where she experienced monumental shifts in herself and in her business. Instead of feeling confused and disempowered by finances, product development and sales, through the Program, Alana gained confidence in her value and pricing.

“There were so many pieces that enabled me to actually feel empowered around my business,” she says. “Now, I serve more women than I could have ever reached before in creative, fun, deep, transformational, inspiring ways that highlight my true gifts. I have become the Creatrix of my own reality and am truly thriving in ways I could have never imagined—and WINC was one of the most powerful first steps I took!”

We are so impressed by Alana’s complete revolution in her business model and wanted to know: Which three decisions or actions led to your success?

  • Well, honestly … moving to Bali! Instead of preparing myself and taking time to "get ready," I just took action and figured it out along the way because I had to. It was exciting and scary, but the best thing I did back then and still do is listen and TAKE ACTION on my intuition. Then sit back and trust that I can do it!
  • Working deeply on money mindset was another really essential part of the program for me, as I had no idea how my unconscious beliefs around money, scarcity and low self-worth were running my business.
  • Learning about the power of aligned marketing and redesigning my offerings. The marketing always brought me back to a place of love and passion for the service that I had. I just had to learn that it wasn't about me personally, to get out of my own way so that more people could benefit from the gift I have to share.

Alana is truly the embodiment of her dream life and an inspiration to all women entrepreneurs who want to trade their time = money mentality for a more expansive and fulfilling business. And she has so much to share with you in the Case Study, where you will learn:

  • how Alana reimagined service-based business to value both her clients and herself
  • how Alana went from a brick-and-mortar business to completely virtual, empowering 8-week and 5-month programs that she leads from around the world
  • which of the 6 Barriers to Wealth made the biggest difference in growing her business
  • which of the four-parts of WINC’s Engine System helped her more than double her business
  • why WINC’s approach to money mindset was “one of the biggest shifts” for her
  • how reprogramming our innate feminine way of deep healing has broader implications for our lives and our livelihoods
  • the marketing strategy that WINC recommends for every woman-owned business
  • and the most overlooked element of growing your product offering and creating consistent income

We’re so excited for you to watch this Case Study, and know this interview will energize and inspire you as much as it has inspired us.

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