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Leslie Abrams


Until Leslie went through the WINC 90-Day Program, she felt stuck inside a hamster wheel that left her disempowered and questioning her brand. With WINC's Program, she became fulfilled, abundant and connected to her customers and mission, while implementing a marketing strategy that helped her grow her business every year since the Program. She's now a six-figure business!

"Before taking WINC's 90 Day Program, I was feeling a bit lost on how I could grow and expand my thriving soy candle business in a sustainable and authentic way. With WINC’s Program, I am now able to clearly establish what my product REALLY offers potential customers, define my target audience, speak to them through marketing materials, website language and in person conversations. And as a result, I have witnessed my business revenue multiply 3x during the holiday season and bring back multiple return customers through staying in touch and word of mouth!

UPDATE: It’s 2020 and I had the honor of joining the WINC program in 2017. Exactly 3 years ago! Since then, I've hit six figures and I have redefined what success looks like for me and my business. In fact, I am opening up a retail and workshop space in two weeks where I plan to have a Candle Creation Bar, plus shared studio and retail space with two other makers! In 2019, I reached above and beyond my goals and at the beginning of this year I was able to give myself a $500/month raise and a $6000 bonus! Myka and Elizabeth are wise, compassionate and extremely savvy. I highly recommend WINC for anyone who is looking to build community and grow their business in a healthy and authentic way."

Yo Soy Candle founder Leslie Abrams has been empowering healing and transformation through her eco-conscious, affirmation soy candle and apparel company since 2012. But until Leslie went through the WINC 90-Day Program, she felt stuck inside a self-created hamster wheel that left her disempowered and questioning her brand.

We’re so thrilled to share Leslie’s beautiful journey of transformation in this Case Study, where you will learn:

  • how Leslie stepped off of the hamster wheel and into true financial freedom
  • how, through WINC’s 90-Day Program, Leslie developed the confidence to communicate more deeply with her soulmate customers in ways that effectively increased conversions
  • which of the 6 Barriers to Wealth made the biggest difference in growing her business
  • which of the four parts of WINC’s Engine System helped her double her business into a six-figure online storefront and Candle Creation Bar retail workshop that is thriving in the midst of a pandemic
  • how WINC’s approach to marketing for physical product development helped her break through to a brand new market
  • the revenue model tip WINC has for every business owner, regardless of whether or not you’re empowered by numbers
  • how WINC’s online business community and platform helped her redevelop and launch from a more grounded place
  • and the most overlooked element of physical product development

In the fall of 2017, Yo Soy Candle founder and former yoga teacher Leslie Abrams felt like she had lost her connection to her business mission. She had just moved across the country from Atlanta, Georgia, to Portland, Oregon, and was struggling to communicate her messaging to her new community. She found herself working, day after day, in her basement, covered in wax, wondering if this was what her soul still yearned for.

“I felt like I had created my own hamster wheel, while feeling stuck in a scarcity mindset,” she explains. “I also wasn't sure if I believed in my brand—or if my customers actually cared about my mission and message. I was excited, but not sure how to build a bigger following without making myself too busy.”

Leslie was awarded a WINC scholarship to enroll in the 90-Day Program that fall. Through the Program, she realigned to her target market, revolutionized her marketing strategy, and doubled her revenue—breaking six figures by 2019. In this Case Study, you’ll learn about Leslie’s amazing journey from aesthetician, specializing in Brazilian body waxing, to founder of Yo Soy Candle, with both an online store and a retail Candle Creation Bar in Portland, OR.

Leslie’s story is an illuminating example of how deeply connected product development and marketing actually are. While she sells physical products and was having some success in meeting her basic needs, it wasn’t until she reconnected to her mission and found a way to more deeply communicate with her soulmate customers through empowering marketing language that she stepped off of the hamster wheel and into true financial freedom.

“I used to be a person who doubted myself a lot,” she says, “Now, I'm more confident in my communication with my customers. I feel fulfilled, abundant and connected to my customers and mission. WINC was a community and a business community that really grounded me and helped me launch.”

We are so impressed by Leslie’s complete revolution in her business model and wanted to know: Which three decisions or actions led to your success?

  1. I started including marketing materials with each online order. I offer a bookmark with an interactive element that involves writing your own I AM statement and creating your own ritual with your candle (and book). I also customized the warning sticker with ingredients, mission and company info on it.
  2. I learned how to clearly recognize why people may need a Yo Soy Candle. With that clarity, I began to fine-tune and confidently communicate to customers in person and on the website HOW the candle can fulfill their desires and needs in just a few words. (Plus, adding two products with free shipping incentives was HUGE.)
  3. The Revenue Revolution chart invited me to plug in big numbers and actually SEE what is possible. Q4 has been the busiest season in history for Yo Soy Candle, and that has given me the space to forecast for the future.

We’re so thrilled to share Leslie’s beautiful journey of transformation in this Case Study, and know you will enjoy listening to Leslie’s story just as much as we did.

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