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Monick Halm is a walking inspiration with a beautiful mission to help 1 million women create financial freedom through real estate investing. But while Monick’s mission was clear, it wasn’t until she worked with WINC that Monick transformed her mission into a multiple six-figure enterprise. Before WINC's 90-Day Program, Monick made less than $20,000 per year in her business. After the Program, she made $135,000 in one day, and within three years of our Program, she hit $500K in annual revenue.

In 2008, Monick Halm’s life imploded when she was fired from her law firm, her husband’s graphic design business was down 90% during an economic free fall, and she was five months pregnant. The only thing that kept a roof over their heads were the few real estate properties they had. Monick understood that multiple income streams and real estate ownership was one of the best ways to create long-lasting wealth, but it wasn’t until going through WINC’s 90-Day Program in 2017 that she fully launched Real Estate Investor Goddesses and hosted a one-day event that catapulted her business from a $16,000 startup to a multiple six-figure enterprise three years later. 

Watch Monick's Case Study Video, where you will learn:

  • How Monick overcame imposter syndrome and learned to own her expertise and command a room
  • The one day that catapulted company into a six-figure business
  • How learning to stop trading your time for money actually leads to more resiliency—especially in these challenging times
  • How WINC’s approach to marketing and sales helped her create a sales pitch that truly converted, with women literally running to sign up for her offering
  • Why WINC’s sisterhood of support made such a “huge difference” in the growth of her business
  • How to get into the real estate investing game whether you have $1 or $1 million. Get her free guide below.
  • And why every woman should have multiple income streams—plus the difference between active and passive income streams every women entrepreneur should know about

“Before taking WINC's 90-Day Program, I was working really hard with little to show for all my efforts. I was trying everything I could and couldn't figure out where I was going wrong. With WINC's Program, I now know what I need to be doing, and the perfect people are attracted to my message. As a result, it's becoming way easier to sell what I do. I just made one sale that's worth more than I made in the past three months combined! My advice for those thinking of taking WINC's Program is to do it! Don't wait one more second floundering in the dark. Allow WINC to show you the light and help you make your passion into a profitable business.

12 MONTH UPDATE: I am so grateful for the strategies I learned at WINC. They were a real game changer. With WINC, I went from making barely $20,000 last year to over $160,000 the year after the Program.

THREE-YEAR UPDATE: We hit $500K in annual revenue.”

More than 5 years ago, after a real estate training that was attended mostly by men, Monick Halm had a moment of divine intervention: She would help 1 million women create financial freedom through real estate investing — "the antidote to the Old Boys Club.” At this point, Monick had been a lawyer, a money and abundance coach, and she also owned real estate. She was a driven woman with a lot to give who now had this mission to help women in a way she never had before. But even though her dream and goals were clear, Monick spent years floundering before she found WINC—putting lots of time and energy into her fledgling business with very little results.

“Some people are born entrepreneurs,” Monick says. “I was not that person. I did not have a system. I had been trying to figure it out by myself, spending a lot of time doing a lot of things that didn’t move the needle very far.”

And then, in 2017, she found WINC and was selected for one of WINC’s very first scholarships—what Monick describes as “literally, an answered prayer". The previous year, Monick made less than $16,000 in her business—far less than what she needed to support herself and her family. “I basically had an expensive hobby,” she explains. But because of the framework and systems she learned in WINC’s 90-Day Program, Monick created exponential growth in her business, allowing her to systematically share her dream—and wealth—with women around the country.

In this Case Study, Monick explains how she went from making less than $16,000 per year to growing Real Estate Investor Goddesses to a multiple six-figure enterprise. She talks about the “monumental impact” WINC has had on her business, and, in particular, how the Program illuminated her biggest barrier to wealth—sales and selling—and what a game changer it was to focus less on herself and more on how she could serve others. And she also explains why it was so important to home in on her audience, focusing on women as opposed to casting a wider net: “When women have more time and money, they give back to their families, they give back to their communities. Helping women is my shortcut to helping the world.”

We are continually inspired by Monick’s passion and drive and wanted to know which three decisions or actions led to your success?

  • Designing my offering in WINC's product development formula, so I could better leverage my time. 
  • Learning graceful and integrous sales techniques in WINC's Program that honed my sales skills. 
  • Hosting events using WINC's wisdom on how to design an event in a way that is super valuable for my audience, and leads to sales.

We are so proud of the ways Monick is continuing to grow her business, helping women create financial freedom through real estate investing. We are grateful to share her story with you and know you’ll be just as inspired by her work and passion as we are.

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