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There are four critical pieces we believe you must have in place to ensure that your passion and vision can become a thriving business. 

These four key parts are what we call, “The Engine of Your Business Revenue,” because this is literally where the money comes from, no matter your industry, business type or stage of business. 

In a nutshell, WINC's Engine System is a powerful framework that illuminates exactly what to focus on, in what order, to build a consistently profitable business that you love.

The Engine Part 1: Revenue Model & Goals

The first step to creating a profitable and thriving business is to stop avoiding money, numbers and math in your business. We call this, first part of your Engine System your "Revenue Model and Goals."

A Revenue Model is a detailed roadmap that outlines exactly how your products and/or services will get you to your financial goals, both now and in the future, without burning out your adrenals.

This requires some math and some powerful spreadsheets to take a look at your financial reality now and build a financial forecast for your future. Most of the women we work with come to WINC thinking number-crunching sounds boring at best and terrifying at worst, only to discover that building a revenue model can actually be a super creative process, where they see their sweetest dreams come to life with a realistic, step-by-step plan that feels genuinely possible.

A Revenue Model tells you if your vision for a business has wings...

If it’s possible for you to have the money and lifestyle you desire... 

By helping you figure this out on paper first, so if your business model doesn’t work, you can tweak and refine it before moving forward. (Rather than working for years only to discover your business model never worked to begin with!)

Click here to watch the Engine Overview video as well as the in-depth Revenue Model & Goals training where you’ll learn much more, including common mistakes to avoid when it comes to the financials of your business.

the Engine Part 2: Product Development

If you are not yet making enough money in your business or are hustling around the clock to make ends meet, then your #1 entrepreneurial job right now is to focus on creating a strategic set of products (or services) that really help people, and that they are motivated to buy.

We call this "Product Development" – the process of discovering and clarifying what your business actually sells. A business, by definition, sells something, and until you understand what you sell, in great detail, you really don’t have a business. 

We know... saying you must understand what your business sells sounds so obvious! But believe us, it’s not.

Most women entrepreneurs that are not making the money they desire often think they know what they are selling, but either don't have enough clarity on this, or haven’t developed their product offerings strategically - in a way that leads to great sales, consistent money in the bank and super happy customers.

If you struggle to talk or write about what you do, or you aren't getting consistent sales, then you likely aren’t crystal clear on the strategic design of your offerings – who they are for, how they transform lives and how to communicate that value – and thus, you probably aren’t clear on what you’re selling (yet!).

WINC's process for strategic Product Development will revolutionize your business by teaching you a powerful, strategic way to design your offerings that work better for you and your customers, alongside a very detailed way to write your marketing copy that communicate the value of what you do so your soulmate customers are magnetized to your offerings again and again.

Click here to watch the Engine Overview video as well as the in-depth Product Development training to get more clarity on your own Product Development, and whether this part of your Engine System needs a little love.

the Engine Part 3: Marketing Pipeline

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is marketing by essentially casting stones in a dozen directions. You know, throwing spaghetti at the wall. Casting stones marketing is random and lacks strategy. It’s as exhausting as it is ineffective.

The only way we can create consistent revenue is if we have a system for letting the people we can help know that we exist – CONSISTENTLY.

The third part of your Engine does just that. It’s called your "Marketing Pipeline". 

A Marketing Pipeline is not random. It is not a little of this and a little of that. It is not marketing that you hope will lead to customers and sales. A Marketing Pipeline is systematic, strategic, repeatable and consistently leads to sales by design, not by hope.

We know that marketing can be mysterious and maddening for many women. But many of the women we work with actually learn to love marketing (for real!) because we teach them a new way to think about marketing that makes bringing in new leads and customers repeatable and predictable. Your Marketing Pipeline will take the guesswork out of marketing, so that your marketing gets easier and more effective over time.

Click here to watch the Engine Overview video as well as the in-depth Marketing Pipeline training and learn one of our number 1 recommendations in marketing.

the Engine Part 4: Sales

If you want to create a successful business that can provide you with financial prosperity, a dream lifestyle, and the positive impact you crave, you will have to learn how to sell. Period. 

Unfortunately, fear of coming across as a desperate, creepy salesperson causes some entrepreneurs to avoid selling altogether. But if you avoid selling, you are literally avoiding the very mechanism that will bring money into your business. 

So, the crucial, final piece of your Engine System is "Sales".

There are thousands of sales techniques out there, many of which are, well...horrible. But not all of them! 

Inside WINC, you learn sales techniques that align with your personal integrity, and are as effective as they are graceful and honest. There is simply no way around becoming an empowered saleswoman if you want to create wealth doing what you love.

Click here to watch the Engine Overview as well as the in-depth Sales training and learn the major unconscious belief that keeps many of us from being empowered saleswomen.

We hope you watch all the videos because they will bring this 4-part system to life much more powerfully than we can do in a quick email.

Because here’s the deal… 

This is a step-by-step process to help you grow your business like following a recipe, so you can say goodbye to confusion and guesswork. 

Yes, this will mean more money in your bank account.

But on a deeper level, WINC’s process helps you literally become a whole new version of yourself. 

On the other side, you will think about things differently.
You will see yourself and your work differently.
You will approach your to-do list differently.
You will help your customers in a new, more powerful way.

Your perception of what is possible for you, your family, and your future will become more expansive than it is today. 

And that is what transformation really means – you become a new and more empowered version of yourself, not just in business, but in every waking moment of your life.

Learn how to feed your soul and your family.

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