Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs

october 7 from 12-1:30 MST

If you relate to these financial experiences, I made this workshop for you!
  • Struggle (or fear) finding the money for Uncle Sam come tax time. Perhaps are just plain disorganized every tax year.
  • Worry that you will arrive at retirement age without the nest egg you need.
  • Are not prepared for a large unexpected expense that could send you into a financial tail spin.
  • Do business without protecting your assets, which could ruin everything you’ve worked for in one fell swoop.
  • Lack understanding for how security or wealth is created. (Yes, making more money is one part, but definitely not the only part!)

In this online workshop, I'll show you exactly how to avoid these harrowing – but avoidable – financial experiences.

Date: Wednesday, Oct 7th
Time: 12 - 1:30pm MT
Where: Online Workshop

 For every woman that attends, $5 will be donated to protecting tigers through WWF.


  • Protect my assets through the legal structure of my business, so I can sleep knowing my legal house is in order.
  • Plan appropriately for taxes ALWAYS, so I’m never caught off guard when Uncle Sam knocks.
  • Save for retirement, so that I’m not working “pay-check to pay-check” in my elderly years.
  • Invest in the growth of my business, so that I’m not just doggie paddling to keep my head above water.
  • Ensure that I have the funds for unexpected costs, so that I’m not sent sliding down the ladder whenever something from left field happens (which it always will!).
  • Plus, my Wealth + Security Plan ensures I am increasing my security and net worth each and every month, one baby step at a time.
For many women it is terrifying to face their finances. For others, they have some things in order, but aren't how to create a strong and smart financial system.

In this workshop, I'll show you what took me twenty years to figure out, and at the end, your finances will be inspiring and exciting (rather than terrifying), and you'll understand how to organize your business and personal life in ways that actually work to create real Security + Wealth over time. 
The peace of mind and the actual financial freedom that come with this, slowly over many years, is absolutely game changing. I'm so passionate about women having powerful financial skills at work in their lives and businesses.

Financial Foundation Workshop

for Women Entrepreneurs


  • WINC is in its 9th year in business in 2020!! (Only 1/3 of businesses survive to 10 years in the U.S.)
  • Economist by training.
  • I built two six-figure businesses totally solo. (WINC is my second business.)
  • I designed a business model that created the life I love. It was not a hope or a happy accident... it was strategic design.
  • I built an amazing operational team, and then brought in the business partner of my dreams.
  • I handed my business over to the WINC team, and went on a 1.5 year sabbatical! (Ahem... because I had a financial foundation to do it with.)
  • Excellent personal credit score, and Tier 1 (best level) business credit score.
  • I’ve had retirement accounts since I was a teenager.
  • If the worse-case scenario happened, I have the net worth to be okay for many years.
  • I've taught 1000s of women entrepreneurs, and WINC has intimately helped 460+ women build profitable business models and gain financial literacy.
  • 20 years of spiritual practice and embodiment with a Master Teacher.
  • Most importantly, I love my life, practice what I preach, and have created real security for myself with financial literacy skills implemented over time.
When COVID hit in March 2020, my company WINC (Women In Community) was in great financial shape. We had at least four month of cash in the bank to weather the storm as a business, and in each person on our team had personal emergency funds too, because we all practice building a Financial Foundation.  

The proof is in the pudding... our Financial Foundation works when a crisis hits (personal or global).

Join me. I deeply want security and long-term wealth creation for you and your business.

Being Financially Empowered & Strategic

in how you build a Financial Foundation can create Security + Wealth for you & your business.