Grad Program

begins MAY 26, 2022

this is a marathon, not a sprint.

We genuinely hope that all of you consider the Grad Program. We've done everything we can to make it as affordable as possible, including reducing WINC's overall revenue ceiling by offering private sessions at our lowest rate.

This is for you if...
You are struggling to adapt your business in this uncertain time.
You have trouble working strategically, staying focused and feeling positive on your own.
You are overwhelmed and/or stuck in product development or marketing.
Your marketing isn't as consistent or effective as you would like.
You are ready to uplevel into new, more complex forms of marketing.

Who the Grad Program is for

Sisters who want ongoing strategic support to refine your Engine and implement your marketing pipeline, and/or women who know they need ongoing emotional support to navigate the internal barriers that keep you from implementing your Engine with confidence, focus and consistent sales.

Definitely women who have just completed the 90-Day Program. The next 12 months are critical. Think of the first year of an infant's life – they are so precious and fragile, needing constant care and nurturing. Don't underestimate how hard the first year is and how much your progress will be improved with support and community.

Sisters who took the 90-Day Program some time ago, but since then, you've decided to change your business completely (maybe even changed fields or industries!) and want to run your new idea/business through the rigorous Engine process.

Sisters who took the 90-Day Program some time ago, and while your business is going well, you could actually use expert support and accountability to achieve new goals and uplevel your Engine to grow into the next phase of your business.

Dear Sisters,

We're SO glad you're here!

After running the 90-Day Program for a few years, it became clear to us that many women need longer-term support to turn the corner in their businesses.

We care deeply about women changing the financial game for themselves and their families. And it's heart-breaking to see from afar that some women with so much potential end up getting derailed in the months after the 90-Day Program. In the first 6-12 months after the program, women are simply so vulnerable to getting stuck while implementing, and the intensity should not be underestimated.

There are three major barriers that we see for many women after the 90-Day Program. The Grad Program is designed to help you move through them.

Barrier 1: Incomplete Product Development
If you weren't able to complete Product Development during the Program, then you graduated without full clarity on who you help and what your business sells. Therefore, you don't yet have powerful marketing copy that is reverse engineered to help you effectively close sales. This makes marketing much harder... and since marketing is what brings money into your business, you will likely struggle to grow your revenue.

Barrier 2: Trouble Following Through with Marketing
If you were able to develop your entire Engine strategy on paper during the Program, awesome!! Now comes the hard part 🙂 At this moment in the journey, many women get confronted with self-doubt and overwhelm and end up resisting their marketing pipeline. Even for the women who courageously start marketing, the marketing phase takes enormous faith and perseverance (and often a steep learning curve) until the momentum begins to build. It is so easy to get discouraged or fearful during this phase, with voices creeping in like:

“Am I in the right business?”

“Maybe I should design a different offering that will work better?”

“I have no clue where to start.”

“Marketing...yes... tomorrow...”

Ultimately, if the doubt, confusion and resistance win, a woman gives up on building a business all together, or changes directions too soon, before the momentum builds.

Barrier 3: Not Leaving Time To Work ON Your Business
The third biggest barrier is not consistently carving out the time to be the CEO, the captain of your ship. Once the 90-Day Program ends, it's very easy for all of life's other demands to come crashing in. But the phase after the Program actually requires more of you, not less, in order to turn the corner. If life's other demands often take priority, it's very difficult for your business to get the attention it needs consistently.

The program gives you the ongoing sisterhood, confidence building, focus, accountability and strategic/technical support you need to stay the course until all your hard work pays off!

The WINC Grad Program really helped me take WINC's brilliant systems from the 90-day program to the next level. I was able to integrate what I learned more deeply by continuing to be held in the WINC Circles and by one-on-one support. After the 90-day program, I felt like my product was a newborn baby. You wouldn't leave a mama and new born all alone after birth, so why be alone after you birth your business baby? Having the additional support, mentoring and guidance during the Grad Program, helped me nurture and grow my product as well as my marketing and sales systems.  I think every woman who really wants to take her business to the next level and continue to feel supported after the 90-day program should take the Grad Program! It's so worth it! 

– Rensselear Resch, The Pleasure Practice

Highlights of the Grad Program

If you've wanted to "revisit" all the 90-Day videos, but never seem to get it done, this is for you. If you've got holes in your Engine and you know it, this is for you. If you feel overwhelmed and like you have a steep learning curve in marketing ahead, this is definitely for you. If you need energy and inspiration, WINC's culture can support you in the next big leap.

Twice monthly gatherings . This provides you with a consistent container to ask questions, workshop, troubleshoot, get mindset support and soak in the nourishing energy of our WINC community.

Option to add private sessions. Get personalized strategic and emotional support through private sessions with Myka. Even the most committed women are super vulnerable to giving up, postponing or changing their business in the first 6-12 months after the 90-Day Program. We've had at least 5 grad women that almost gave up, but with ongoing private support, they ended up staying the course and launching their offerings! Choose from 1 or 2 private sessions per month.

Repeat the 90-Day Program. Join the next 90-Day program to learn from the very latest training webinars, ask new questions in the Q&As, and benefit from the enthusiasm and energy of our 90-Day community.

Dates & Times

The Grad Program runs January - May 2022

Group Grad Sessions:
Thursday, May 26th from 10 - 11:30am MT
Thursday, June 2nd from 10 - 11:30am MT
Thursday, June 16th from 10 - 11:30am MT
Thursday, June 30th from 10 - 11:30am MT
Thursday, July 21st from 10 - 11:30am MT
Thursday, August 4th from 10 - 11:30am MT

Private sessions must be used by the week of August 1st.

Michele Wagner
Raven & Rose Shamanic Arts

The Grad Program gave me the opportunity to be in a supportive environment while starting to implement what I learned in the WINC Program. I am clearer on what I sell, what marketing strategies work better for my business and I am far more organized then when I began. I found the circles very valuable to stay connected, for feedback, for generating new ideas for staying positive and motivated.

Nicole Irlbeck
restoration fitness

With this program I am now able to see exactly how to grow my online business and how this will leverage my time to bring increased revenue and improved results for my clients.  I am clear about my message and my target market and how my services will help my clients.  I've identified my top 3 methods to market my program and I am confident that as I consistently implement them, my revenue will follow. 

Join us!





Group Gatherings

 + One 50-minute private session per month with Myka (3 total) to provide you with ongoing strategic support in your Engine and marketing.





Group Gatherings

+ Two 50-minute private sessions per month with Myka (6 total) to provide you with ongoing strategic support in your Engine and marketing.

+ Repeat the 90-Day Program

Blythe Massey
Happy Nervous System 101

The Grad Program helped me fully focus on my revenue goals and model, and establish my fundamental marketing materials and plan. I am now ready and empowered to launch my business.

Julie Geller

The Grad Program was helpful in terms of having buddies to keep me accountable to stay on track and giving me a framework to the return to the rich sea of information that I learned in the Program.