Marketing Mastermind

WINC's grad program starts 1.16.24 


For this grad program, we're going deep into marketing with INTIMATE PERSONALIZED SUPPORT.

Through small group circles and private sessions,
we will support you exactly where you are...


If you have yet to master your marketing and generate consistent revenue, we genuinely hope that you consider this Grad Program.

This is for you if...

You are super passionate about what you're creating, and you want to keep the momentum and focus.

You really want our expert eyes on your Marketing Pipeline to refine and optimize.

 You have trouble working strategically, staying focused and/or feeling positive on your own.

You are overwhelmed and/or stuck in your marketing.

You are feeling some fear about putting yourself out there.

Your marketing isn't as consistent or effective as you would like.

You are ready to uplevel into new, more complex forms of marketing.

Who the Grad Program is for:

Sisters who want ongoing strategic support to refine your Engine and implement your marketing pipeline, and/or women who know they need ongoing emotional support to navigate the internal barriers that keep you from implementing your Engine with confidence, focus and consistent sales.

Definitely women who have just completed the 90-Day Program. The next 12 months are critical. Think of the first year of an infant's life – they are so precious and fragile, needing constant care and nurturing. Don't underestimate how hard the first year is and how much your progress will be improved with support and community.

Sisters who took the 90-Day Program some time ago, but since then, you've decided to change your business completely (maybe even changed fields or industries!) and want to run your new idea/business through the rigorous Engine process.

Sisters who took the 90-Day Program some time ago, and while your business is going well, you could actually use expert support and accountability to achieve new goals and uplevel your Engine to grow into the next phase of your business.

Dear Sisters,

We're SO glad you're here!

After running the 90-Day Program for a few years, it became clear to us that many women need longer-term support to turn the corner in their businesses.

We care deeply about women changing the financial game for themselves and their families. And it's heart-breaking to see from afar that some women with so much potential end up getting derailed in the months after the 90-Day Program. In the first 6-12 months after the program, women are simply so vulnerable to getting stuck while implementing, and the intensity should not be underestimated.

There are three major barriers that we see for many women after the 90-Day Program. The MARKETING MASTERMIND Grad Program is designed to help you move through them.

Barrier 1: Incomplete Product Development
If you weren't able to complete Product Development during the Program, then you graduated without full clarity on who you help and what your business sells. Therefore, you don't yet have powerful marketing copy that is reverse engineered to help you effectively close sales. This makes marketing much harder... and since marketing is what brings money into your business, you will likely struggle to grow your revenue.

Barrier 2: Trouble Following Through with Marketing
If you were able to develop your entire Engine strategy on paper during the Program, awesome!! Now comes the hard part 🙂 At this moment in the journey, many women get confronted with self-doubt and overwhelm and end up resisting their marketing pipeline. Even for the women who courageously start marketing, the marketing phase takes enormous faith and perseverance (and often a steep learning curve) until the momentum begins to build. It is so easy to get discouraged or fearful during this phase, with voices creeping in like:

“Am I in the right business?”

“Maybe I should design a different offering that will work better?”

“I have no clue where to start.”

“Marketing...yes... tomorrow...”

Ultimately, if the doubt, confusion and resistance win, a woman gives up on building a business all together, or changes directions too soon, before the momentum builds.

Barrier 3: Not Leaving Time To Work ON Your Business
The third biggest barrier is not consistently carving out the time to be the CEO, the captain of your ship. Once the 90-Day Program ends, it's very easy for all of life's other demands to come crashing in. But the phase after the Program actually requires more of you, not less, in order to turn the corner. If life's other demands often take priority, it's very difficult for your business to get the attention it needs consistently.

The program gives you the ongoing sisterhood, confidence building, focus, accountability and strategic & technical support you need to stay the course until all your hard work pays off!

Before taking the Grad Program, I was coming off the "high" of the 90 Day Program, and found myself starting to feel confused about my direction again. The confusion led to stagnation and frustration. With the help of the Program - Elizabeth's guidance and the support of my WINC sisters - I'm now able to flow around the boulders like a river. I'm moving again! And as a result, I now have a solid marketing pipeline in place that will help me keep moving forward at all times, helping me to expand my client circle while doing what I enjoy. I've received bookings just from getting back into the flow, and many of the clients are new ones! My advice for those thinking of taking this Program is to show up to the Grad calls when you're having a good week, and especially when you're having a rough week. Elizabeth's guidance, and your WINC sister's support will help you get through and move forward. Showing up consistently creates magic!

– Mei Ling Tsui, Mei Ling Intuitive

Highlights of the Grad Program

If you've got holes in your Marketing Pipeline and you know it, this is for you. If you feel overwhelmed and like you have a steep learning curve in marketing ahead, this is definitely for you. If you are ready to uplevel to a more sophisticated Marketing Pipeline and need expertise and inspiration, WINC can support you in the next big leap.

Twice a month, you will meet with Elizabeth in intimate Circles with four other women. The Circles offer you our expertise to develop powerful strategies for your specific business, and you will get workshopping time in every single Circle meeting.

Secondly, building a business is an extremely emotional process, and if you are getting stuck in fear, overwhelm or confusion, it is very hard to keep moving forward. The Circles give you a time and place to process the emotions coming up for you, and support in transmuting them so you can keep moving forward with building your business.

Finally, you'll get to observe me work with each of your Circle Sisters and learn from my strategic feedback across multiple businesses. This gives you a much more integrated knowledge of how to use the Marketing Pipeline in your own business.

Get additional personalized strategic and emotional support through private sessions with Elizabeth. Even the most committed women are super vulnerable to giving up, postponing or changing their business when left to their own devices. We've had at least 5 grad women that almost gave up, but with ongoing private support, they ended up staying the course! Choose from 1 or 2 private sessions per month. 

Become the founding members of WINC's new membership program which will include monthly networking events, quarterly business training, emotional/spiritual support and more. 4 months are included free with any Winter 2024 Graduate Program purchase.

Marketing Mastermind runs January - April 2024

Tuesday, January 16th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, January 30th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, February 13th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, February 27th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, March 12th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, March 26th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, April 9th - 10am-12pm MT
Tuesday, April 23rd - 10am-12pm MT

Circles are limited to 5 women. Additional circles will be added if there is demand.
Private sessions happen on Wednesdays at a time of your choice and must be used by the week of April 29th.

Chelsea LaJoye
Vocal Coach

Before starting the Grad Program, I was spinning my wheels, unable to generate the income that I really wanted for myself and my family. During the program, with 1:1 sessions, I finally got clear on my marketing pipeline, which helped me generate a ton of strong leads. My revenue nearly doubled during this program, and I have the systems in place to properly care for that revenue, and the people who entrusted me with it. My accountability group provided me with an incredible amount of insight and support every week. I will be forever grateful for being connected with those women. I expect to see my business double in size again this year, and I could not have prepared that path without the Grad Program or the community of women in WINC.

Tammi Scott
Tammi Scott Coaching, LLC

Before taking the Grad Program, I felt a bit overwhelmed by everything I had learned in the 90 Day Program. With this program I am now more confident as a business owner, and being with the uncertainty of the future, yet knowing that I have what I need to create the next client, or collaborate with someone on a leadership project, and more. As a result, I have seen my business revenue grow to a level that I wasn't sure was possible in my first year. My advice for those thinking of taking this program, the 90 day or the grad program, is to be open to possibilities you might not have thought of, to connect with the amazing women who are part of WINC, and to be kind and compassionate with yourself as you go on this journey.

Join us!






One 50-minute private session per month (4 total) to provide you with ongoing strategic support in your Engine and marketing. Can be combined with circles.





Two 50-minute private sessions per month (8 total) to provide you with ongoing strategic support in your Engine and marketing. Can be combined with circles.

Combine any two for 10% off your total. 
Due to the limitations of our system, your discount will be applied retroactively. 
For example, if you bought circles + 1 private session, your total would be $600/mo * 4 months = $2400.
With the discount, your total would be $2400 - 10% = $2160
After your first payment of $600 the next 3 payments would be $520/mo.
$600 + $520 + $520 + $520 = $2160

Cara Romano
Cara L. Romano Fine Art & Jewelry

WINC's Grad Program is an amazing value and has helped me keep up my momentum from the 90-day program. Meeting more WINC sisters has been so inspiring and my sense of the WINC community just keeps expanding. It truly is an amazing program that teaches highly applicable systems and concepts and creates a true, authentic women's community.

Annie McDonnell
Joy Alchemy Acupuncture

This Grad Program helped me stay accountable and motivated to reach (and even exceed some of) my goals. The community was nourishing for my growth, learning from and being inspired by other women at different stages in their entrepreneurial journey and receiving so much helpful feedback and encouragement along the way.