Congrats to the moon. 
Your devotion, even when it's hard, is power.

We have been working with women entrepreneurs every day since 2011.

And we know that when a woman is radically devoted to what she cares about creating for herself and others, and is willing to show up day-in and day-out, regardless of the challenges and obstacles life presents her... she can create anything.

It may take longer than she wants. It may be harder than she imagined. But in the end, her perseverance and devotion help her stay the course long enough to build something real and meaningful. 

And these are the women that we - Elizabeth and Myka - absolutely love working with. So whether you work with us or not, we are so grateful we found you and that you are part of our WINC community.

Your dedication is a blessing to anyone lucky enough to be in your company, and we consider ourselves very lucky to be in your devoted company.


"In the year after WINC, my revenue DOUBLED!! But my profit grew 7X! Now, I am buying my first home."

"I had a lot of business experience before WINC, yet I had no idea how to actually run my business. It was expensive and out of control! I knew there was another way, but I wasn't finding it by myself or with mentors or other business owners! Working with Myka these past three months, my business has completely transformed!

UPDATE: When I met WINC, my business was already over six-figures, but I was only profiting 10% of that! I'd given up everything, and crawled out of that last year with my heart and business utterly crushed and grieving heavily. In the year after WINC, my revenue is DOUBLED!! But my profit grew 7X!!!

Having a stable home, and buying a home, has always eluded me. My mother and our lineage..... I stand on her shoulders... But since WINC, I'm buying my first home, plus keeping our herb sanctuary and keeping my retail shop all at the same time. You have helped me find my way home to myself through my business. Thank you. Thank you for the work you do lifting other women up."


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