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Grab a notebook and turn off all distractions to give your financial future the attention it deserves.

OR add a 90-min sacred date in your calendar to watch this video in the perfect moment.

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We are thrilled that we've found each other!!

Over the next week, you'll hear from me daily to help you stay accountable to watching the free Financial Foundation video you signed up for, so you can begin increasing your security + wealth every single month.

But there is so much more to WINC (Women In Community) that we can't wait to introduce you to!

WINC has been working with women entrepreneurs - especially artists, healers, coaches and creative types - since 2011.

Almost ten years! And counting!

We've taught thousands of women how to start new businesses, grow existing businesses and develop powerful math skills that help women feed their families and their souls as entrepreneurs.

All inside of a loving, compassionate and sacred culture of women transforming our economy and world with women's wisdom.

When we say women entrepreneurs are an economic and cultural revolution we mean it. Literally.

We cannot wait to meet you and your business!

Myka McLaughlin

Founder, WINC

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Women have invested in themselves and their businesses by saying yes to WINC's 90-Day business training program.


92% of WINC's students say our 90-Day business training program was worth every penny they paid for it.


I went from making barely $20,000 to over $160,000 this year after WINC's 90-Day Program!


Every day, we get to see women implementing WINC's system, and growing their revenue 2x, 3x, 5x - even 10x -  within three to twelve months. For most of us it takes years to build a truly successful business. With perseverance, day-in and day-out.

This is not a get rich quick strategy.

But it is a powerful strategy and business building system that works consistently. With focus, time and...


Love for yourself. Love for your mission. Love for this world.

WINC's women entrepreneurs build businesses for their bank accounts and their families. But mostly, we are building businesses for the future of Life on Earth.

And there is nothing else we'd rather be doing.


My revenue has increased every month since I started the WINC 90-Day Program."


Our next live 90-Day Business Training Program starts:

JAN - May - Sept

SEPT 2020

Wondering if it's right for you?

WINC's Financial Foundation Masterclass starts


After you watch the free video in your inbox, you can also join me in a five-week Masterclass to implement everything you learned in the free video (and more!).

Women entrepreneurs start this course feeling overwhelmed, avoidant, scared or just plain uninspired by their finances.

When they finish, they have a powerful system for organizing their finances and creating real security + wealth over time.

It is truly LIFE CHANGING when math and numbers become a woman's loving friend!