Marketing Bootcamp

3 days to kickstart your marketing 

JOIN WINC FOR A LIVE 3-day marketing intensive

Learn to build a strategic marketing plan to consistently attract customers that you love. 

At Marketing Bootcamp,

we will demystify marketing for you, once and for all.

You will leave with a powerful, step-by-step marketing plan that you can implement right away to begin bringing a steady stream of dream clients into your business.


  • What marketing is exactly. And the difference between random and strategic marketing.
  • What it means to market with integrity and alignment with your personal values.
  • How to define your marketing goals, and know if those goals are realistic.
  • How much time you need to spend marketing to reach your goals, and how to organize your calendar to be sure you follow through.
  • How to write marketing copy that speaks directly and magnetically to the customers you love working with most.
  • What types of marketing are right for your specific business and stage of business.
  • How to build a marketing strategy around your marketing types, so that no matter how you choose to market, now or in the future, you know exactly how to do it strategically.
  • How to translate your marketing strategy into a plan for your week, month, quarter and year, so you never sit down to market and feel like you don't know what to do.
  • When you should make your offer, so that you aren't being salesy or endlessly marketing without anyone ever actually paying you.
  • How to track what is working (and what isn't) in your marketing, so that you can do more of what works, and let go of the rest.
  • Why and when to change your types of marketing, as your business changes over time.

what women say:

Before the Program, I didn't have any marketing plan.  I felt at the mercy of referrals that might or might not appear. Now I have a marketing plan that is focused, I have had more leads recently.


I had a lot of resistance to marketing and felt like a total fake. Now, I feel authentic, proud and excited about marketing, because I feel more aligned with my core values. Now, I have integrity in my marketing!


I had no approach to marketing before the Program, because I never did it. After the Program, I have the tools required to successfully market myself and my business.


My approach to marketing before was scattershot and lacking in follow-through. Now I have a better sense of how to focus on fewer strategies, nurture leads, and stay consistent. With a better understanding of my niche and target customer, marketing copy is easier to write.

annie // acupunture

I went from being completely intimidated by marketing to being obsessed with it! As a result, I have conquered so many fears and I have seen my revenues increase each month!


I felt very confused about marketing before the Program. Marketing felt like a big mystery. It also felt like I was putting in so much effort with very little reward. Now, marketing feels like a system that I can use to help grow my business and share my offers. Such a relief!


We are packing these 3 days with all of our hard-earned wisdom about marketing. If you join us, we're confident you'll agree that WINC's Marketing Bootcamp was worth thousands of dollars... 

...but if you implement what we teach you, it will be worth tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, in revenue over time.


Myka & Elizabeth

bootcamp is for you if:

  • You are a heart-and-soul-centered female entrepreneur who is lit up about her business and excited to learn how to become an awesome marketer.
  • You know how important marketing is, but also know you aren't doing it in a very organized and strategic way. You're ready to work smarter.
  • You love your customers and they love you! You just need a lot more of them and aren't sure how to get them.
  • The marketing you do doesn't seem to bring you business but you don't know what to do differently.
  • You post a lot of social media but aren't seeing much (if any) return in the bank account.
  • You resist marketing and when you actually do it, you worry that you're doing it wrong.
  • You're afraid of being seen as sleezy, slimy, or out of integrity in your marketing.

If any of this is resonating with you, we hope you will join us for Marketing Bootcamp!

Because marketing is not optional in business.

And learning how to be a good marketer makes ANYTHING possible.

Next Bootcamp:

EARLY 2024


Join us for 3 full days live on Zoom with Myka, Elizabeth and a group of incredible women entrepreneurs at your side.

This interactive intensive includes several rigorous marketing training sessions plus Q&A and implementation time each day and all the worksheets and spreadsheets you'll need to create your powerful marketing pipeline.

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All of the amazing things you’ve heard about WINC are true. Really. 

If you’re a woman who loves what she does and wants to take her business to the next level financially, practically, and yes, spiritually and emotionally, just thank the universe that WINC has crossed your path. You won’t be disappointed.

JACKIE // Rolfer & WINC Graduate

Limited spots will be available for ongoing marketing support following Marketing Bootcamp.