Why we’re raising our prices.

We have a ritual inside WINC... Every time someone new joins our email list, we take a moment to look at her name and send her blessings.

We've had many thousands of women join our list over the last few years and are truly grateful for every single one of you in our lives. We know you are not just an email address – you're a woman, a soul with an embodied mission of unique importance. We are inspired daily by the ways WINC's community is changing our world for the better. We hope our emails, events and offerings are serving you well.

Both Elizabeth and I built 6-figure businesses independently before joining forces inside WINC. Collectively, we have more than 50 years of entrepreneurial experience. But it isn't our experience alone that makes our business training so groundbreaking for women.

A decade ago, I combined my background in economics and entrepreneurship to develop WINC's Engine System – a predictable, formulaic way for a woman to generate consistent money with a business she loves -- and designed a 90-Day Program to support women in a sacred container through the rigorous process of building her Engine.

Elizabeth and I have taught WINC's Engine System to more than 15,000 women at our business training events, and to nearly 700 women in our 90-Day Program, which we have run 28 times.

Every year, we see our Program transform the lives and businesses of women across industries, stages of business, and personality types.

Every week, we see women shift from feeling confused, frustrated or unfulfilled to becoming empowered CEOs, who wake up every day knowing exactly what to do to grow their profitable, soul-aligned businesses.

Every day, we practice what we preach and use the very same Engine System to run WINC. We have had a thriving, financially stable business for eleven years (even through the pandemic).

We have seen hundreds of women have life-changing results in our Program – several of them even surpassing WINC in gross revenue after implementing our Engine System.

All of the below women are 90-Day Grads who have literally made $100,000s from our Program. Often in one just year, but also every year for the rest of their business life.

The thousands of dollars they invested to work with WINC will (or already has) provided millions of dollars as return on their investment.


"Finding WINC was an answer to my prayers! Myka is a brilliant guide if you're ready to take the reins in your business. I had a lot of business experience before WINC, yet I had no idea how to actually run my business. UPDATE: In 2020, my revenue was $120K with $12K profit. I'd given up everything, and crawled out of 2020 crushed. After WINC, in 2021, my revenue is almost a quarter million! My net-profit is already over $100,000 (instead of $12K before WINC). A year after WINC, I bought my first home."

"Before taking the 90-Day Program, I was trapped in a guessing game on my business. My business was running me into the ground. In this Program, I got the insight I needed to RUN MY BUSINESS like the boss-lady I am. UPDATE: Truth be told, after the WINC Program, I doubled my six-figure business, and I'm on my to doing again this year. In the back of my head, I keep thinking… 'I could hit half a mil this year… ."


"Before taking WINC’s Program, I was a waitress trying to grow a business, and I was incredibly overwhelmed. This Program was like flipping on a light switch. Everything became clear and attainable. UPDATE: I started the WINC Program with almost no business and almost no revenue. Ten months after graduating, I have contracts that increase my revenue by TWENTY-ONE times. UPDATE: Six years later, I have $600K in annual revenue, a 32% profit margin, and an incredible team of 7 people.”


"Any woman who is starting their business or whose existing business is not where she wants it to be should run - not walk - to sign up for the next WINC Program. Before taking WINC's Program, I only had a vague idea of how to build my business. I am just starting out and I didn't want to waste time floundering around and 'hoping for the best.'  UPDATE: When I started the WINC Program, my business was just an idea. But six months after graduating, I filled my entire business! UPDATE: Within two years, I hit six-figures. UPDATE: Five years after WINC, my business is still thriving, and continues to grow in revenue!"


"Before taking the 90-Day Program, I was working really hard with little to show for all my efforts. I was trying everything I could and couldn't figure out where I was going wrong. These past three months were a complete game changer for me and my business. I just made one sale that's worth more than I made the past 3 months combined!  UPDATE: I am so grateful for the strategies I learned at WINC. They were a real game changer. In the year of WINC, I went from making barely $20,000 last year to over $160,000 this year!  UPDATE: Three years after the Program, my business continues to grow. I am on track to break a half million in revenue this year!"


"Before taking the 90-Day Program, I was a waitress working on my business nights and weekends. I felt like I was working in the dark, only making about $300 a month with my business. With the help of the WINC Program, I realized the important areas in my business that help me bring in real money. By the third-month of the Program, I grew my revenue 10x. I quit my job as a waitress, and now I’m working full-time on my business! UPDATE: "Six years after WINC, my business made $1M in revenue this year and I have seven female employees."


See their full stories and hundreds more on our Praise Page.


What we teach works.

When capable and committed women implement our business building approach, they can see hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, in their return on investment.

Even women who only earn $1000 or $2000 extra each month from working with us will have a $12,000 - $24,000 annual revenue increase for the rest of their business lives.

Plus they learn how to build:

  • A business they actually love doing
  • Consistent income so they have more peace and security
  • A business model with their chosen lifestyle designed into it 

Many say they have a whole life transformation from WINC –– financially, emotionally, even spiritually, in their sense of self, health and relationships.

When our customers become empowered in their businesses, their new empowered energy makes a multi-dimensional impact across their entire life...

Given our expertise and customer results, not to mention the intimate and sacred journey we take women on, we know that our Program has been well below market-value for a long time.

While we did a small increase in January of 2022, we have otherwise not raised our pricing since 2015.

During those seven years, our expertise has grown by leaps and bounds each time we run the Program.

Similarly, we continue to upgrade the content and delivery of our Program to make it even more results-driven. When you graduate, if you've done the homework and spreadsheets, you will have a detailed step-by-step plan to achieve the impact, lifestyle and money you want by design. This plan gives you a roadmap for years to come.

We've also seen again and again that women get the best results when they have personalized support, and we've been obsessive about helping even the women who spend the least with us get off-the-charts results.

Instead of moving to an evergreen video model like a lot of business programs, we've actually increased the intimate, personalized support all women get in our Program over the years.

Lastly, we have spent the last couple years optimizing WINC's Graduate Program to give you affordable ongoing business support, accountability and community as you implement your strategic three-year plan.

Now, with WINC's entire ecosystem of best-in-class business training, personalized support and loving sisterhood in place, we see more and more women significantly grow their short, medium and long-term results.


In light of all this, effective August 1, 2022, pricing for WINC’s 90-Day Program will increase as follows:

Level 1: $2000 => $4000

Level 2: $3000 => $6000

Level 3: $5500 => $8000

You can enroll for our September 2022 Program at our current pricing until Sunday, July 31, 2022 at midnight MST.


As we've worked with hundreds of women, we know our Program really works... for about half of women... who consistently implement what we teach.

These 50% of women take our Program and experience revolutionary results – in their financial lives and their sense of personal empowerment – which transforms all aspects of their lives in massive ways.

These women experience a return on investment of 2x, 3x, 5x, even 10x and beyond for not just one year, but for every year that they are in business.

Our new pricing is more reflective of the value of our business training approach, and the high-level of personalized support we offer inside WINC's Program.

However, the other half of women who sign up for our Program do not see this massive return on investment.

And to be honest, each and every woman that does not turn the corner in her business is a heartbreak for us.

Given how many women we've worked with, we are intimately aware of the common struggles that impact these women.

They usually have more significant challenges around:

  • Devoting ample time to building their businesses
  • Feeling willing and able to learn new skills
  • Sitting down to work in a disciplined, consistent way
  • Staying focused long enough to build something over time, rather than spinning their wheels and chasing shiny objects
  • Fear, self-doubt, and indecision

We can teach you exactly what to do to grow your business, but if you can't make time for your work and be on the computer, if you doubt yourself too much to learn new things, or your fear is too great to put yourself out there according to your marketing plan... you may not be able to implement the powerful information and strategies we teach.

(Or at least, not quickly enough to provide for your family before you need to find other sources of income.)

So, as we considered raising our prices, we racked our brains to figure out how we could improve the results of the 50% of women who struggle the most before they make an investment in our 90-Day Program.

And here is what we've come up with.


Once our pricing goes up on August 1st, there will be a new application process to assess women in-depth before you will be eligible to join our 90-Day Program.

We want to make sure we believe you are ripe to get a great return on your investment before you invest at our new pricing.

The application process will lead to one of two pathways:

1. If we determine that you have a high probability of a strong ROI, based on our key business indicators and your personal situation, we'll recommend you to enroll in the 90-Day Program.

(Note: This assessment is NOT based on your stage of business. The sooner we can get our hearts and hands and strategies on your business the better.)

2. If we determine that you have some of the barriers that make implementing the Program content harder, we'll recommend you start with our new entry level Prerequisite Program, as an affordable first step before you invest in WINC's 90-Day Program.

This Pre-Requisite Program will give women three rigorous assignments that are essential to every business. If you can make progress implementing what we teach, and you like your life while doing it, then you have a great chance of being successful in the 90-Day Program, where you will craft your entire business model and marketing/sales strategy and plan.

Some women find that when they see what it takes to have a stable and successful business, they don't want a business anymore. Our Pre-Requisite Program gives women an affordable test drive to see if entrepreneurship is for them after all.

We are still a huge stand for every single woman being able to create a business that works for her, because it is truly learnable. And we have helped so many women with all the above barriers build a successful business.

But with our price increase, we know that the stakes will be higher for every woman and therefore, we are not comfortable receiving a woman until we've personally assessed her business, financial and emotional situation, to illuminate the right level of investment for her at this time.

Our heart-felt hope is that, with this evolution, we can help more and more women succeed at their appropriate pace and investment level.

In addition, our 90-Day Program container will now be packed full of women who are ready to learn quickly, shift massively, and build their dreams for the new world we all know is possible.

Details on the Prerequisite Program will be released on August 1st as part of our new application process.


If you...

  • Are fully committed to making your business work, no matter what

  • Can meet your basic financial needs while you're building your business

  • Know that you can sit down and work in a focused way

  • Have a positive relationship with computers and spreadsheets

  • Approach learning new skills with openness and determination

  • Have a minimum of 10 hours a week to implement this Program
  • Have good health/energy because this takes a lot of creative energy

  • Already have a successful business and want to scale or take the reins on your systems and lifestyle

  • Already have an existing business with at least a few paid clients

  • Are brand new to business but are a big yes to the things on this list

... then you are likely a really good fit for the Fall 90-Day Program right now at our current rates.

(If you are ready to sign up for our Winter 2023 Program instead of Fall, you can get the current price by signing up for Winter by July 31, 2022. Please email us for this special case.)

If you are serious about building your business and would like to join us before the price increase, learn more about our Fall Program here.

With love,

Myka McLaughlin
Founder of WINC