Private Sessions

90-day program 

Private sessions are $500 for a 50 minute session on Zoom plus our session notes.
You can also book a set of three for $1200 (where we can make a lot more progress). 

We know this is a big investment. And, it often makes such a huge difference for a woman to get this level of support that her return on investment increases exponentially, having positive effects on her business revenue for years to come.


On the checkout page, you'll see the option to purchase sessions with Myka or Elizabeth. Please purchase with the facilitator you are currently working with in the 90-Day Program.

Please schedule all of the private sessions you paid for as soon as you get the scheduling link. Our session availability tracks with the WINC 90-Day Program. This means you will need to complete your private sessions during the Program season in which you purchased them. Otherwise, your sessions will expire.


50 minutes on zoom



1 1:1 session during the 90-Day Program

We can't wait to you even more deeply to create your profitable dream!