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WINC affiliate

Since our WINC community has always been so great at sending us referrals, we’ve created this Affiliate Program to share some financial reciprocity with you.

We would much rather put money in you and your family's pockets than pay for Facebook ads!!!

By signing up for WINC's Affiliate Program, and sharing WINC's events and free trainings, you will make $300* whenever one of your referrals joins WINC's 90-Day Program, even if it’s 3 years from now!

We've made this super simple. Here's the deal:

  • Once you sign up to be an affiliate below, you will be sent a digital contract to sign.
  • After you have reviewed and signed the contract, you'll receive an email with access to our Affiliate Membership Portal.
  • In the portal, you will find your unique Affiliate links for easy sharing, as well as information on how to be successful as a WINC Affiliate.
  • Share WINC's events & trainings using your unique Affiliate links via email, social media, blog... anywhere of your choosing, really! 
  • When women from your community sign up with your link, they will be tagged with your name in our database.
  • If and when they join WINC's 90-Day Program, you'll automatically receive $300! *

    * See our legal contract for details on a couple of exceptions to this rule... for example, if your referral receives a scholarship.

Once you sign up, you'll get detailed instructions and tips for marketing to set you up for success.

who the affiliate program is for

WINC sisters

Women who have completed WINC's 90-Day Program or one of our Masterclasses. Our best referrals have always come from our customers. You sharing your personal experience and the results you've gotten through WINC will be the most powerful way to peak the interest of other women we can help.

WINC community

Women who have gotten value from WINC and believe in the work we are doing. Perhaps you have attended our events, have seen the Create Wealth Doing What You Love free training video or have spoken to one of us on the phone. If you resonate with WINC, you are in a great position to direct other women to our business training resources.

We're so excited to collaborate with you!