Your Soulmate



Take a deep dive into clarifying the work you were put on Earth to do.
Emerge with the most important building block for your business' foundation.
Attract customers you absolutely love working with, consistently and with more ease.

What if you could magnetize your perfect clients, calling in exactly who you want to work with on a regular basis?

We've worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs in WINC's 90-Day Program. We can speak to a woman for five minutes and pinpoint exactly why her business is struggling.

And the #1 barrier we see, the thing that keeps women treading water for years, is a lack of understanding about WHO, specifically, her business serves.

If you...
  • Have trouble talking or writing about what you do...
  • Struggle to generate money consistently, in a new or old business...
  • Take customers that you don't love working with in order to pay the bills... 
  • Have been in business (or a job) for years, and are yearning for a new chapter doing something you are passionate about, but don't know where to start...
  • Are at the very beginning of a business, or want to reinvent your existing business...

This is the CRUCIAL next step.
Building your business without this first step is like trying to put a roof on a house without a foundation or walls.

What You'll Get In The Soulmate Customer Masterclass:

  • An intimate understanding of your Soulmate Customer including their fears, emotions and what motivates them, so you can design powerful product offerings, build an effective marketing strategy and sell with ease.
  • A powerful methodology for how to write marketing copy that is compelling and activates your Soulmate Customer to take notice of you and your business. 
  • Clarity and alignment around your business as an expression of your life’s purpose, so you can feel energized, confident and purposeful in your business for the long haul.
  • The foundation for a simpler, more organized and way more strategic business, with increased earning potential and ability to scale.
  • Powerful tools for getting into your customers shoes and learning to speak their language, so you can get their attention and design offerings that they find irresistible.
  • Ways to integrate your powerful new clarity into your existing business and see how it helps you stand out from the crowd and makes marketing and selling easier. 


The Soulmate Customer Masterclass is the first training in WINC's 90-Day Business Training Program, because it is the crucial first step to building a successful business.

Investing in the Soulmate Customer Masterclass is the best way to set yourself up for success in WINC's 90-Day Program, where you will learn how to create the rest of your business around the clarity of your Soulmate Customer.

"With WINC, I have narrowed my focus, getting clear on the customers that will most benefit from my services and that I feel most passionate about reaching with my message.  I now have the support and connections I need to properly market my unique program to help the largest number of women possible".

Mary Kay

I was in the "hope" stage of business where I basically just hoped that my business would succeed without really putting in much strategic effort.

With Elizabeth's help, I was able to get crystal clear on who my soulmate customer is and how to build a profitable offering that serves this demographic in a beautiful and thoughtful way. 

Yoga therapist

I now understand how to simplify my business by saying no to many things in order to serve something special to my soulmate customers, while fueling my own needs. As a result, I feel peaceful, with a workable plan, instead of a wish or a random trial of something new each time. I see the purpose of my current business, and how my soulmate customers are benefiting from my offerings. 


Your Soulmate Customer Masterclass


  • 2 hour recorded training with Elizabeth, CEO of WINC, to deep dive into the strategy around your Soulmate Customer and what it makes possible in your business.
  • comprehensive PDF workbook that walks you through a series of in-depth exercises to make the process simple and effective.
  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can go through the training again and again, at your own pace.
  • $250 credit towards WINC's 90-Day Program

About Elizabeth

• Self employed since 21.

• Built a 6-figure graphic & web design company.

• Did WINC's 90-Day training as a student 7 years ago.

• Now WINC CEO and facilitator for the 90-Day Program, working with her Soulmate Customers everyday!