Listen, if this was easy...
the majority of businesses would succeed, not fail.

Here's the thing.

If you are building a business without the business skills to start, run and grow your own business, it will be extremely hard. If you wake up and don't know what to do, or what order to do it in, or why to do one thing versus a different thing in your business today... this is a lack of business skills. It's really that simple. And the good news is that business skills are totally learnable.

You learned to walk. You learned to talk. You may have learned to swim or ride a bike. You learned how to do your industry trade or or modality. All from the ground up. All starting at the very beginning of knowing nothing and then learning step-by-step, overtime, to do the thing. Same with business!

Imagine how hard it would have been to learn to talk or swim, if there wasn't someone showing you how. Most of what we learn, we learned through relationship - someone who has mastered the thing - teaching us. Start here. Next this. It's okay you fell down, here's how to get up. Now try this... Great job! Okay, the next step is...

But here is what is less simple.

Learning new things is not just about information.

It's also an internal landscape within you that believes in yourself.

Which is why at WINC, we know that teaching women business skills is only half the equation. The other half is a loving community of women doing it together through an empowering culture that helps each woman heal her inner critic, rewrite her identity, and recreate her inner landscape as someone who can learn anything over time.

Because what we teach you in our 90-Day Program is so powerful and so effective for the long-term that it takes three-months to learn what to do, in what order, and how to make a strategic plan for getting from here to where you want to go. But this strategic plan we help you create in the Program will be an implementation map for the next three years of your business! Meaning, it takes years to implement and manifest the future you care about creating.

And thus, you will need the devotion and perseverance to show up day-in and day-out overtime.

Some days everything will flow and you'll feel the momentum building! And some days will feel harder than you can imagine; when you're up against your own limiting beliefs or technical skills.

The difference between women who succeed over time or those who don't is less about being "good enough" and much more about learning to learn how to keep going on the good days and bad, no matter what obstacles or set backs present themselves.


"In the year after WINC, my revenue DOUBLED!! But my profit grew 7X! Now, I am buying my first home."

"I had a lot of business experience before WINC, yet I had no idea how to actually run my business. It was expensive and out of control! I knew there was another way, but I wasn't finding it by myself or with mentors or other business owners! Working with Myka these past three months, my business has completely transformed!

UPDATE: When I met WINC, my business was already over six-figures, but I was only profiting 10% of that! I'd given up everything, and crawled out of that last year with my heart and business utterly crushed and grieving heavily. In the year after WINC, my revenue is DOUBLED!! But my profit grew 7X!!!

Having a stable home, and buying a home, has always eluded me. My mother and our lineage..... I stand on her shoulders... But since WINC, I'm buying my first home, plus keeping our herb sanctuary and keeping my retail shop all at the same time. You have helped me find my way home to myself through my business. Thank you. Thank you for the work you do lifting other women up."


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