Learn what stage of business you're in and why it matters so much to your bottom line!
LIVE online Workshop: Thurs. 8 / 20 at 10am MT

In this free 90-minute LIVE online workshop, you'll learn:

  • To diagnose what stage of business you’re in now and the stages to come, so that instead of feeling overwhelmed in the swirling caldron of to-dos and daily demands, you’ll have immense clarity on what to expect now, in the future, and why. I cannot overestimate the power of having a map and a compass in this entrepreneurial journey.
  • The common struggles in each stage of business – the practical/strategic struggles, the emotional barriers, and even, the spiritual transformation that your business invites you to embody in each stage – that directly affect how quickly you turn your vision and expertise into dollars in your bank account.
  • What to focus on (and what not to focus on) in each stage of business. One of the biggest barriers to our success is trying to do everything all at once. You’ll learn the specific areas to focus on in each stage of business, so that you can propel your business to the next profitable stage with more ease.

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All of the amazing things you’ve heard about WINC are true. Really. 

If you’re a woman who loves what she does and wants to take her business to the next level financially, practically, and yes, spiritually and emotionally, just thank the universe that WINC has crossed your path. You won’t be disappointed."


Diagnose which stage of business you are in.

In this workshop, you'll learn the five stages we go through when building a profitable business, doing the thing we love. We'll help you discover which stage of business you're in, and what you need to focus on in order to generate money in each stage.
Understanding these phases helps take the guesswork out of building a profitable business.

It took us years to figure out how a business actually works and what to focus on to make money. If you’re not building your business systematically and strategically, it’s far too easy for “doing what you love” to be a j-o-b dressed up as a business.

With this training, you’ll learn how to make money in your business efficiently and effectively, so you can advance to the next stage of business, rather than being stuck for years or even decades in the same place in your business.

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Simple and Easy.

We can't wait to meet you!

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