What you do with your time and attention creates your reality.

This class is about TAKING THE REINS to become the conscious creator of your own destiny, everyday.

If you work around the clock, but often feel like you are treading water…

If your head swirls with the million things you “should do” or “could do” to grow your business…

If there are things that have been sitting on your to-do list for months, or even YEARS…

If you crave a lifestyle you love but it continues to feel just out of reach…

...this is for you.

Exponentially more productive and focused

"I implemented the time management systems which has been AMAZING for organizing myself! I have been more exponentially more productive and focused."

meghan. WINC Graduate.


The amount of time you devote to your business can be a major factor in your success. But the way that you use your time is even more important, especially as a solopreneur

We believe getting strategic with your time is a must.

Why? Because otherwise, you can work very hard for weeks/months/years with very little results in your bank account. And this might mean the difference between persevering until you reach your goals or giving up on your dream.

In this masterclass, we’re going to teach WINC’s proven time management strategies that have
been consistently revolutionary for hundreds of women in our 90-Day Program.

Truly Invaluable

"I knew I was a bit of a scatterbrain when it comes to organizing time. I’ve gotten more organized in my systems and tracking and to-do's and it's incredible how much head space is freed and how much more relaxed I feel knowing it's all in one place and I don't have to hold it. I didn't realize how badly I needed these simple organizational skills and this has been truly invaluable."

LARISA. WINC Graduate.

What You'll Learn

  • How to organize your calendar so you are focused on the tasks that move your business forward everyday and all the crucial pieces of your business are answered for consistently.
  • A powerful method for tackling any project and creating a plan to accomplish it, without burning out your adrenals.
  • The secret behind why you work so hard but still feel like you are treading water.
  • How to shift from the overwhelm/paralysis pendulum into consistent progress and feelings of accomplishment.
  • How to design your ideal lifestyle into your workweek.
  • The two biggest mistakes we see women make when they set goals.
  • The number one habit that will reduce your overwhelm day-to-day.

Step into a more empowered, strategic relationship with time.

Learn time management strategies that will help you wake up every day and know exactly what to focus on to make your business goals reality.

strategic time Masterclass


  • 2 hour recorded training with Myka, founder of WINC, to deep dive into WINC's 8 most powerful Time Management systems that will allow you to take control of your time like never before.
  • A comprehensive transcript and slides to help you digest and integrate the material in your business.
  • Lifetime access to the recording so you can go through the training again and again, at your own pace.
  • Bonus video training with Elizabeth, CEO of WINC, on using Asana for project management.

blew my mind

"The time training video kind of blew my mind. I resonated so much with what I heard. I try to be a super organized person, but I am really excited for more systems to help me do this at the next level."

erin. WINC Graduate.

About Us

At WINC, we are co-creating a feminine business culture, where strategy + intuition + math + kindness + profit fuel our businesses to make life worth living and our work worth doing.

Elizabeth & Myka

CEO + founder