Revenue Revolution

November 19th at The Commons on Champa, Denver

November 19th is Women's Entrepreneurship Day worldwide. 

If you are a purpose-driven woman entrepreneur struggling to make the income and impact you desire, join us on November 19th in Denver.

Did you know that women "perform 66 percent of the world’s work and only earn 10 percent of the world’s income"?
~ Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization

WINC is devoted to changing these statistics and creating a Revenue Revolution for you and your family.

When WINC began in 2011, there was little mention of women entrepreneurs as a revolutionary force for economic development and poverty alleviation. Today, WINC is at the forefront of a global movement of women's entrepreneurship and W.E. – Women Entrepreneurs – are creating an economic and cultural revolution around the globe... positively impacting our families, communities and economies.

Join us for an epic day of business training, deep connection and celebration on Women's Entrepreneurship Day...

When: Tuesday, November 19th from 9 - 5pm MT
Where: 1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204
Cost: $40; $49 at the door

Revenue Revolution
is an all day event that will integrate

  • Best-in-class business training to fuel your revenue growth
  • Genuine connection between empowered women from all over Colorado
  • Sacred ritual, music and meditation to connect with your Highest Self and experience the Feminine Business Culture we are co-creating at WINC.


Coffee & Connection

Opening Ritual & Landing Song
With Shardai Kluger, Shamanic Teacher and Energy Healer & Larisa Gosla, Musician and Vocal Empowerment Coach

Grounding Meditation

Business Training: The 6 Barriers to Wealth
Learn to overcome the 6 biggest barriers that keep women entrepreneurs from making great money.

Group Integration & Embodiment Experience
Connect with other amazing women entrepreneurs and deepen your learning.
Shift your energy with a conscious movement practice led by Kristina Block of Authentic Embodiment

Lunch & Mingling
Crock Spot food truck will be on-site with delicious lunch for purchase, you can also bring your own
Visit our sponsor tables for additional resources for Women Entrepreneurs

Educational Talk: Can credit catapult your business?
Learn about credit options from Chase Ink

Business Training: The Engine of Your Business Revenue
The four areas that consistently fuel the financial fire of your business

W.E. Panel: Creating the Life & Business You Want
Get inspired by powerful WINC Women Entrepreneurs creating positive impact (and income)!

Announcement of Chase Business Banking Sponsorship Winner
One woman will be awarded a full scholarship to WINC's Winter 2020 Program ($1500 value)

Closing Ritual
Celebrate the W.E. Revolution with movement, song and connection.
With Myka, Elizabeth, Kristina, Larisa & Shardai

​Please bring a water bottle and travel mug to reduce paper/plastic waste. You can bring a bag lunch or buy lunch on-site.
Please also bring a notebook and a pen.

When: Tuesday, November 19th from 9 - 5pm MT
Where: 1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204
Cost: $40; $49 at the door


to attend the event.

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Press Inquiries:

When: Tuesday, November 19th from 9 - 5pm MT
Where: 1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204
Cost: $40; $49 at the door
If you are a purposeful and passionate female visionary who is tired of the feast and famine cycles and ready to quit the guesswork in your business, please join WINC for a day of soul-centered business training, powerful expression and meaningful connection in celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day.

In the business training portion of the day, you will learn:

✓  How a business actually works – meaning what to do, in what order, and why to ignore most of the noise out there.

✓  How to overcome the 6 biggest barriers that keep women entrepreneurs from making great money.

✓ The four areas that consistently fuel the financial fire of your business

✓  Why you feel overwhelmed with all you “could do” or “should do” and how to change this for good.

✓  The one thing your must spend the majority of your time on, if you’re not making enough money.

✓  What to do first, second and third because your beautiful vision is too big to do all at once!

✓  That you are so not alone! We all struggle with the same things and we can gain so much support and wisdom from Women’s Community.

You probably didn’t start your business for the money, (We didn’t either!) but it is money that will fuels your mission for the long haul.
You’ll learn what to do (in what order) to generate consistent revenue, so you can create the impact you are here to make!

What women are saying about WINC's business training content:

“Thank you for the wonderful and empowering workshop. I felt so relieved… There is actually a real solution and pathway to expand my life purpose into a sustainable and profitable business for me and my family.” – Liangyah, sound healer
“By attending WINC’s workshop, I grew my revenue by 30%!”
– Dana, Graphic Designer
“I attended your workshop and it is hands down my favorite business workshop I’ve ever attended. Not only was it loaded with business essentials, but also spoken in a language that I could fully relate to, as a creative.” – Lisa, personal stylist


Kristina Block is a performance artist, embodiment alchemist and founder of "Authentic Embodiment", a conscious movement modality focused on realigning one’s body, mind, heart, and spirit into the wholeness of one’s being.

Kristina has expressed her artistry through performance dance, visual art, and movement facilitation all over the globe: from Burning Man, Lightning In A Bottle, Eclipse Festival, Beloved Festival, ChoZen Florida, Dance Lab NYC, to various private events and women's circles.

Kristina truly believes in the transformational power of dance and encourages every human being to fully embody one’s authentic, sensual, powerful self. 

Larisa Gosla is a Professional Musician and Vocal Empowerment Coach. She has had the blessing of traveling all over the world sharing her gifts and music. A captivating and magnetic songwriter, she pulls you in with her heart based lyrics and angelic frequencies.

She recently released her second solo album titled “I Remember”, a collection of songs embodying the elements of grace and unconditional love. She also recently collaborated with a producer from Argentina, Mato, on a song called “The Other Side” which is playing on radio stations across Latin America.

She offers a vocal empowerment program called "Vocal Resonance" where she combines her years of professional singing experience, sound healing, hypnotherapy background, and vocal technique that is designed to support clients in deepening their relationship to their voice, singing, and creative expression- allowing them to be free, liberated, and release all limiting beliefs. She also offers a Drum and Song Program for those who desire to deepen their practice to singing with rhythm and learn ceremonial songs. You can find her music on Spotify and more about her programs here

Shardai Kluger, RN is a Priestess Initiate and Temple Guide, a Sanctioned Shamanic Teacher & Ceremonialist, a certified Reiki Master & Shamanic Energy Healer, a Registered Nurse, a Best-selling Author, and the Founder of Sacred Center Sanctuary: Center of the Sacred Arts.

Shardai has apprenticed with many masters of their craft, and is honored to pass along the wisdom she has woven together from those mentorships. Through SCS, Shardai currently offers transformational healing programs, mystery school workshops, shamanic apprenticeships, and community ceremony & ritual. She supports cultural change-makers to reclaim their Sacred identity & purpose through the arts of alchemy, devotion, ritual ceremony, nature connection, shamanism, priestessing and every-day magic.

Shardai believes that the very wisdom & healing we seek, is seeking to be remembered from within us. It is her honor to help re-member You.

When: Tuesday, November 19th from 9 - 5pm MT
Where: 1245 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204
Cost: $40; $49 at the door


If you are a woman that wants to start or grow your business, we warmly welcome you! There is no business stage too early. No vision too small. No vision too big.

This is not like any business training or any networking event you've ever been to. We will celebrate you just as you are, and give you the most powerful business training that finally translates your vision and your dharma into a profitable business.

Because we know you've got a lot of people to help, Sister!

Come discover the golden web of women's culture, sacred practice and female entrepreneurship that is WINC.

Myka (Founder) & Elizabeth (CEO) of WINC

Revenue Revolution

Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day
November 19th at The Commons on Champa, Denver

Results from women who’ve implemented the system we teach in WINC's 90-Day Program…

  In the first and second month of the Program I hit my revenue goals, and in the third month, I made double my revenue goal! ~ Reilly Jernigan, Massage Therapist / Acupuncturist
  This Program is by far THE BEST decision I have ever made for the health of my business. I’ve hit my revenue goal for the past 5 months! My revenue is growing and I’m working less hours. ~ Sarah Sandy, Fertility Nutrition Coach
  By the third-month of the Program, I grew my revenue 10x and now I’m working full-time on my business! ~ Mariele Williams, Jewelry Designer / Ceramicist
  I’ve owned my own business for almost 10 years, and I so wish I could have taken this Program several years back… the WINC Program could have saved me much financial hardship. ~ Joanna Kennedy, Relationship & Intimacy Coach
  Before the Program, I was seeing an average of 5-10 clients a week and about $2000 per month; three months later I was averaging 15-20 clients per week; and in the forth month, I made over $6000 a month! ~ Noel Love, Acupuncturist
  Since beginning the WINC Program, my monthly revenue stream has grown 5x! And I’m half way to meeting my revenue goal in only 6 months! ~ Chelsea Pohl, Artist / Kids Art Camps
  By doing the Program, in six weeks, I generated as much revenue as I’d made in the previous six months! ~ Katie Back, Alexandre Technique Teacher
  After the Program, I’m 5 times busier than I have been in the last year and a half! I am pumped! And hopeful! And full of gratitude!! ~Sperry Goode, Physical Fitness Trainer
  I feel like a businesswoman now. This Program held my feet to the fire, and I just signed a client that will crush my Q2 revenue goals! ~ Emily, Intercultural Communications
You’ll leave this workshop with a whole new understanding of where to focus and where not to focus, if you want to create wealth doing what you love.

About WINC
WINC – Women In Community – is a women’s small business catalyst that helps smart and soulful women entrepreneurs create wealth doing what you love. If you’re ready to double your income (or more!), wake up every day knowing exactly what to do to move your business forward, and finally feel a sense of accomplishment doing what you love, please join us. WINC’s workshops and programs are designed to help you get the training, accountability and sales your business can’t afford to do without.