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We've been teaching women best-in-class business training for twelve years in the context of sacred women's community. Women tell us every day that we teach business in a totally unique way - both extremely effective and deeply integrous.

"I’ve probably invested $50K in business coaching in the last 10 years, and WINC was the only one that really helped me."
The best way to understand how powerful WINC's workshop is...

Read the testimonials of women who attended this free workshop, and then worked with us to implement what we taught them in the workshop. 

We think you'll agree... this free workshop is worth making a top priority this Monday, May 22 at 12pm MST.


Nine months after WINC, my revenue  DOUBLED!! But my profit grew 8X!!!

Kim,herbal apothecary 

"Ladies, do not try to run a business without WINC. Take it from me, I paid dearly for doing it wrong for many years. 

WINC is a game changer. 

When I met WINC, my business was already over six-figures, but I was only profiting 10% of that!

I'd given up everything, and crawled out of that last year with my heart and business utterly crushed and grieving heavily. 

In 9 months after WINC, my revenue DOUBLED!! But my profit grew 8X!!!

Finding WINC was an answer to my prayers.

UPDATE: Having a stable home always eluded me. Since WINC, I'm buying my first home!"

In the WINC Program, my revenue has more than doubled in the last month. If you are struggling with the skills, emotional or practical, that it takes to run a business, DO THE 90-DAY PROGRAM! I learned so much that it's hard to explain how transformative it was. My advice for anyone considering this Program is that there is nothing more powerful than what Elizabeth and Myka are doing to help you learn to be the CEO of your own business."

MEGHAN, naturopathic physician

I tripled my income during the 3-month WINC Program, and have submitted a proposal that's twice that amount again. I never would have had the nerve to charge those numbers without Elizabeth's vision, inspiration and support in our 1:1 coaching calls. Because she believed in me, I learned to believe in myself. UPDATE: I quadrupled my revenue in the year that I did the WINC Program.


By doing the WINC Program, in six weeks, I generated as much revenue as I’d made in the previous six months.


Two years after the WINC Program, I've tripled my business revenue! I absolutely attribute this to all the lessons I learned from WINC.


I continue to use the awesome skills WINC taught me, everyday! When I started with WINC, my business was bringing in less than $1,000/month; now it's bringing in $8,000/month. And my business has actually tripled since COVID began. My revenue has increased exponentially and continues to — to the point where I have been able to step completely into my own office space. Running my business feels SO much easier than it used to. I feel like I know what I'm doing now, and I do it with confidence. I ride the waves of business much better than I did before, and have much more trust in my own ability and the strong foundation I have built over the past several years.


That’s the difference between WINC and other business trainings – that on top of really masterful trainings in the numbers, systems, and spreadsheets you need to be successful, Myka understands the energetic, emotional training that comes par for the course and can help women navigate both.


The WINC Program is by far THE BEST decision I have ever made for the health of my business. Since the Program, my business has grown 247%!"


Thanks to Myka and the 90-Day Program not only was I able to get that clarity and roadmap, but I was also able to feel more confident with how I was managing my business, and maybe even more importantly, how I was managing myself. I recommend this program to anyone looking to get more organized, feel less stressed and just feel more empowered in how they're managing their business.


Before taking the 90-Day Program, I did not have a road map for my business. Now I am very clear on what steps I need to take daily to accomplish my goals. The WINC Program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to any women wanting to increase their business revenue.


Two years later, I was recently featured on a podcast and it blew up my business in the best way. Because of all the foundation I put in place from WINC, I was ready for all this new business to flood in. And I officially left my job! In the first year after WINC, I grew my business by 18x. The following year I grew by another 5x!


I was not disappointed in the slightest with my WINC investment (I did the most expensive Level 3) which was a HUGE risk for me. I'm so grateful I gifted myself this Program.


After the WINC Program, I leave my job in 2 weeks and will be full-time in my business! I exceeded my first quarter revenue goals and am on target towards my second quarter increase!!! THANK YOU for your help!


I kept dithering and let the first WINC Program sign-up go by. But I kept looking at what you offer, and realized that I am losing money time and ENERGY not knowing what I’m doing.

How much do I REALLY want to make what I really care about work? So I'm in!

Now that the Program started, WINC's pre-assignments are full on. I’m in business-therapy already.


As a result of WINC's Program, I launched my workshop, generated a profit, created a marketing strategy, learned realistic revenue goals, and most importantly, I'm staying consistent with a simple day-to-day plan for working on my business. I feel like a savvy entrepreneur for the first time in 7 years of owning my business!

HILLERY, Doula & Childbirth Strategist

WINC delivered on everything they promised and more! I moved from the mindset of "still don't know what the hell I'm doing" to "I know exactly what I'm doing, I definitely can do this!" My sales increased and I started paying myself during the last month of the Program. I have increasing revenue goals AND I know how to achieve them.

MELISSA, Clinical Herbalist

Before taking the 90-Day Program my business was slowly growing but I was easily distracted and spread too thin. With this Program I now have a clear focus plus the tools and structure to support me in years to come. The Program was expertly delivered with heart, authenticity and wisdom. It exceeded all of my expectations. I achieved my revenue goal by the 3rd month in the Program, however, the biggest highlights for me were sharing the journey with a community of like-minded women and the new perspective I have in relation to my business.


I went from being completely intimidated by marketing to being obsessed with it during WINC's Program! As a result, I have conquered so many fears and I have seen my revenues increase each month!


After the WINC Program, I’m 5 times busier than I have been in the last year and a half! I am pumped! And hopeful! And full of gratitude!!


During the 90-Day Program, I had the highest income month ever, I replicated it the month after the Program too! Was NOT expecting that 🤯.  There's a complete shift in energy in how I show up in my business. My marketing is working, and I'm loving doing it too. All my clients this month are brand new! UPDATE One year later, I realized that by joining the 90 Day Program and Grad Program in 2022, I made 3 and a half times more revenue as I did last year!! Both me and my biz revenue have grown so much!


 Any woman who is starting their business or whose existing business is not where she wants it to be should run - not walk - to sign up for the next WINC Program. When I started the WINC Program, my business was just an idea. UPDATE: Six months later my entire business was full (!!!). Within two years of the WINC Program, my business broke six-figures. And five years later, my business is still thriving, and my revenue continues to grow! My husband has been so inspired by my success that he started a business too.


WINC’s strategic business tools make me feel like I can run a successful business, and not be totally overwhelmed doing it! One year after the Program, my business doubled its revenue and in the next year, it nearly doubled again. Overall, since the Program, my business QUADRUPLED.


WINC is the most holistic and systematic Program I know for growing a business and stepping into one’s role as an entrepreneur and leader. Personally, I experienced the Program as a paradigm shift.


My advice for those thinking of taking the WINC Program - DO IT! oh man. Take the leap. You will be propelled in some uncharted territory with incredible support and will walk away believing in yourself, your work, and with the tools and clarity to really go after that dream of yours with some true gumption. With WINC's help I felt seen, encouraged, and able to move out of paralysis. I had been looking for support but it came in the form of TOO woo-woo with no practical tools, OR in the form of information that felt arbitrary and cold -- in other words TOO practical without the heart and soul. WINC embodied a beautiful combination of both the soul + practical work. This was the kind of Program I needed and I am so thankful I did it.


Myka has this beautiful blend of feminine power and business wisdom that she skillfully imparts as she empowers women to build their businesses and dreams.

Heather, Stres Specialist

I’ve owned my own business for almost 10 years, and I so wish I could have taken the WINC Program several years back… it could have saved me much financial hardship. UPDATE: In the first year after the WINC Program, my business grew 61% and is now just shy of a 6-figures!


As a result of my work with WINC, in less than 6 months, I quadrupled my revenue in the part of my business I focused on in the Program. I also made back the cost of the Program four times over with a single new client!


The WINC Program is a one stop business shop that connects you with a one-of-a-kind support system that I haven't found anywhere else.

RAYNA, Luna Wellness

After the WINC Program, I'm living my dream of more freedom, more money and more travel! I went from a brick-and-mortar business to leading virtual programs traveling all over the world, and I doubled my business doing it.

Alana, Whole Life Counseling 

Within one year after the 90-Day Program, I quadrupled my business revenue and am a six-figure business with more time and ease for raising my son.


Before taking the 90-Day Program, I was already 12+ years into my counseling & coaching practice. From WINC's Program, I ended up with a $30K increase in revenue this year! This month, it looks like I'm on track to be a six-figure business this year (while averaging my desired 12 client hours per week). I'm now maxing out my ROTH IRA, opened a new SEP IRA, and am living debt-free.

Laura, Wellness

As a result of WINC's Program I have not only beat my revenue goal by $12,000, but I am just as excited about building my business and executing the services we offer.


Before taking the 90-Day Program, I'd spent seven years building a business with the goal of not spending more money than I made, and I never paid myself. With this Program, I am now able to take myself seriously as a business owner. The income I made in three months while taking this program exceeds my total income for all of last year. I see now that the potential for my business is far greater than what I hoped it could be when I started this Program. UPDATE: I'm still growing. I can hardly believe it!


I am extremely grateful I said yes to WINC. I doubled my revenue during the 3-month Program! And seven months later, my revenue has tripled again! Seriously, do yourself the favor of investing in yourself and your business, and work with Myka 1:1. Her guidance has been inspiring and extraordinary and practical.


I have done nothing but grow as I moved through this Program. My advice to those thinking of taking this Program would be to take the leap of faith and do it! With the WINC Program, I am now able to see exactly what needs to be done to turn those dreams into a solid reality.


In 11 months after WINC, with the new and improved biz, my revenue QUADRUPLED and I am not multi-six figures. Big difference! I now pay myself a living wage. Thanks for your support.


Wow! WINC's Program works. Period. It is the best investment I could have made and was worth every penny.


My advice for those thinking of taking this Program is to invest in 1:1 sessions. I started WINC when I was making about $300/month. And now I have two months back-to-back of over $3000 in revenue each month. That's a 10x growth in my business since WINC!


When I started the WINC Program, I was making zero dollars and now I’m supporting myself with this business solely! I’m forever grateful!! There are months I’ve made $10,000, which is more then I’d ever made in a month before. And that feels amazing


My revenue nearly doubled during in WINC's Grad Program (offered after the 90-Day Program), and I have the systems in place to properly care for that revenue, and the people who entrusted me with it.


I'm filled with reverence, respect, gratitude and love for the experience of sitting with you. Your mission and purpose shine as the most brilliant, shimmering crystal lighthouse in my awareness (and in many others, I'm sure!). I'm beyond grateful to have connected with you. I can't thank you enough, Myka, truly. All my love and admiration.


The information presented in our gatherings each week were invaluable – incredibly organized, beautifully presented, and supported by detailed printed materials that I still refer to today. The value I received from this Program is immeasurable – the marketing, financial, planning/organizing and self-care pieces I learned are still being used in full force today and have shaped the foundation of my business.


Four years after WINC's Program, I 'm proud to report that so far this year (it's only October) I brought in 292% more income than I made in ALL of last year! Every single dollar I earned doing work I love with clients I want to work with. I am celebrating how far I've come!


Since the WINC Program, I am noticing huge shifts in how my business has changed this year, and how it is able to sustain me. What I learned through WINC is going to be with me for a long time. Thanks for helping support me as I create a foundation to support myself--better than I ever have. Your program is the bees' knees. Thank you for doing what you do!!! Thanks for attracting ME!


The 90-Day WINC program was the most empowering thing I have ever done for my business. I went from feeling like an imposter in business, to feeling like I know what I am doing and I have a plan for how to do it. While I haven't even launched my full business yet, my revenue increased while I was taking the Program as a result of changing my habits. I highly recommend WINC for any woman at any stage of business.

Sarah, Earth Medicine Mentor

I feel like a business woman now. Soon after WINC’s Program, I signed a client that will crush my Q2 revenue goals, and 9 months later, I have exceeded my one-year revenue goal!!


My advice is to not delay, even if things are nutty in your work. Just go for it. WINC's Program will propel you to new heights with other women that are supportive. It’s been amazing. UPDATE: Seven years later, I am still in business! Since I was in the WINC class, I have doubled my income, if not more, have gained clarity on my focuses, systems, and worked through the connections of overworking and self worth. I have cleared up doing too much and dialed in what works best for me.


WINC has given me a clear map to help me know exactly what to do next. And my business revenue has tripled since the 90-Day Program!


I feel like a new person after the 90-Day Program. Now, I have a business! I have paying clients, great feedback, and a plan for moving forward. Just do it!


In the first and second month of WINC's Program, I hit my revenue goals, and in the third month, I made double my revenue goal! My advice to anyone who is thinking about doing this Program is take the plunge and invest in yourself and your business, you deserve it. You won't regret it!

REILLY, Massage & Acupuncture

Before taking the WINC 90-Day Program, I was in a total panic about whether my business could actually support my son and me. I was not sleeping well, and filled with fear day and night, because I was not making ends meet. Having gone through the Program, I feel completely different. I’ve been able to clearly define what steps I need to take, and in what order, so as to bring more money into my business, and to grow my business over time. My advice for those thinking of taking this Program - this is the best investment you can possibly make for your business.

UPDATE: Nine years later, my practice is still full, and I've provided beautifully for me and my son as a single mom!


Six months after the WINC Program, my revenue has grown 82%, which almost doubles my business!


With WINC’s Program, for the first time in my life, I am supporting myself financially with my creative gifts and vision. I cannot express how empowering that feels. Sign up. Do it. Now. UPDATE: Within a few months of graduating from the WINC Program, I tripled my monthly revenue!!


By the third month of WINC’s 90-Day Program, I grew my revenue 10x. I quit my job as a waitress and now I’m working full-time on my business! UPDATE: Six years later, my business made a $1M in revenue this year


I went from making barely $20,000 to over $160,000 after WINC! I am so grateful. WINC’s strategies were a real game changer. UPDATE: Three years after the WINC Program, my business continues to grow. I am on track to break a half million in revenue this year!


Before taking the WINC 90-Day Program, I was a creative genius pouring my heart, sweat, tears, and energy into giving gifts to the world, exhausting myself and barely making it financially. With this Program, I am now able to package my service in a way that BOTH increases value to my customer AND values my time to create a WIN/WIN for my customer and me! UPDATE five years later: I’ve probably invested $50K in business coaching in the last 10 years, and WINC was the only one that really helped me. (I even paid $12K for a business program after WINC, and it was horrific.) I have a phd in business for what not to do. When I think about WINC and you, your Program was really in alignment and clean. I am still implementing so much what I learned from you, including I’m still offering my 8 steps of intimacy that we developed in WINC’s program with you. The content is still brilliant!!! In our private session with all my creative genius going in a dozen directions, you wrote it all down and organized my genius. And I’m still using that over all these years.


Six years after going through the WINC Program, I still feel the benefits of my WINC education every single day. My acupuncture and holistic healing practice is full and feels well-established. When I started WINC, I was making about $1200/month, and now my business revenue is nearly 6x that.


After the WINC Program, I doubled my 6-figure business, and I'm on my way to doing again this year!


"Before taking the 90-Day Program, I was trapped in a guessing game. 

Guessing my business model; guessing the right price to charge; guessing the number of clients I needed; guessing how to market myself, guessing how much I was earning!

I didn't get answers until tax filing, and then I would be crushed that with all the work I did, I wasn't earning enough for my own plate. I felt like I was spinning my wheels.

Clients that loved my work and plenty of new clients coming in but a puzzle-piece was missing that kept me from feeling like I was in control of my business and my life. 

My business was running me into the ground. 

With this Program, I got the insight I needed on how I can RUN MY BUSINESS like the boss-lady I am. I now know the numbers, I know how to do the math, and I can sell confidently knowing at the end of the day, my family will be taken care of. 

UPDATE: Truth be told, after the WINC Program, I doubled my 6-figure business, and I'm on my way to doing again this year!"

Hi lovely.

We're Myka & Elizabeth, partners & soul sisters in WINC.

We have taught over 15,000 women, and worked in-depth with 700 female entrepreneurs to build businesses that work, while transforming our culture with women's wisdom.

We can't wait to meet you and your business!

<= Myka + Elizabeth =>

About Us...
In 2011, when the world was not yet talking about women's entrepreneurship, WINC (Women In Community) was developing a system to help purpose-driven, female visionaries start and grow businesses. We knew that it was time for women's wisdom to transform our global economy and culture from the inside out.

It took us two years to crack the code with a step-by-step recipe to help women create profitable, life-affirming businesses that make consistent revenue for them and their families.

Since then, we've taught over 15,000 women at our events and worked intimately with close to 700 women-owned businesses - especially, artists, healers, creative types and corporate deserters - with an approach that integrates best-in-class business training with feminine business culture.

WINC's system has helped women 2x, 3x, 5x, even 10x, their business revenue.

WINC is where Math + Intuition + Revenue + The Sacred + Strategy + Prayer help women build businesses that work and lives that feel so dang good.

Join us live
MAY 22, 2023

Learn what to do, in what order, to generate consistent revenue so you can make a great living, doing what you love.

Live on Zoom 
Monday, May 22nd from 12pm - 3pm MST

A limited time replay will be sent to all registrants, tech permitting.

You will learn...

How a strategic business works
Meaning what to do, in what order, and why to ignore most of the noise out there.

How to overcome the 6 biggest barriers
That keep heart-centered women entrepreneurs from making great money.

Why you feel overwhelmed
With all you “could do” or “should do” and how to change this for good.

The secret of why marketing is so hard
And why this must be healed, if you want to have a successful business.

How to fuel your financial fire
Exactly where to focus for consistent revenue (without burnout).

What to do first, second and third
To bring your beautiful, life-affirming vision is fruition.

That you are so not alone!
We can gain so much support and wisdom from Women’s Community.

praise for THIS FREE workshop

Thank you for the wonderful and empowering workshop. I felt so relieved… There is actually a real solution and pathway to expand my life purpose into a sustainable and profitable business for me and my family.

liangyah, sound healer

By attending WINC's workshop, I grew my revenue by 30%!

dana, graphic designer

The way you draw together soul and business savvy is what I have been looking for.  I've watched a lot of these kinds of webinars lately, looking for the right fit, but always leave them feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  I ended your workshop feeling more energized and inspired, which is the medicine I need right now.

michaela, reiki master

Before the workshop, I felt like I had a good sense of what my business is BUT didn't know where to start as far as getting it set up in a successful and smart way. The training yesterday really helped me identify areas where I need to do some discovery and processing of internal attitudes I have. It also gave me a simple step by step approach to actually get my business launched; and launched in a successful way.   

elicia, social media consultant

I attended your workshop and it is hands down my favorite business workshop ever. Not only was it loaded with business essentials, but also spoken in a language that I could fully relate to, as a creative.

lisa, personal stylist

The workshop was immediately nailing down the essential elements with fresh (and yet terrifyingly real) facts. This class gave me a clear path to move forward with actual prioritizations laid out. I have to say that the most important aspect to the class was how it addressed and connected my soul issues to business growth.

mimi, artist

Your workshop was one of the best I’ve done and it was like you were reading my mind and my heart. I am so excited to explore your offerings!

amy, massage therapist

What a great way to spend the afternoon! It was great to see how I can break down my business goals into simple, easy to understand steps. It got me to focus, prioritize and then lay out what the next steps are for growing my business.

lara, farmer


12pm MST
The 6 Barriers to Wealth
Learn to overcome the 6 biggest barriers to wealth that keep women entrepreneurs from making great money.

12:45pm MST
The Engine of Your Business Revenue 

WINC's 4-part system to consistently fuel the financial fire of your business. We've taught this system to thousands of women entrepreneurs, and see women transform their financial life and future with it every single day. 

2:30pm MST
Q & A

So much inspiration,
clarity, and practical information

katie, transitions coach

"The WINC Workshop provided me with so much inspiration, clarity, and practical information. I left feeling a sense of connection and determination, with concrete steps of how to move forward.

The workshop helped me to clearly identify barriers to growing my business (which I know I’ve been experiencing, but had been unable to pinpoint until now) and most importantly, how to approach them."

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