for women entrepreneurs 

These do-it-yourself offering help you solidify the most important building blocks of your business. Get access as soon as you sign up and go at your own pace.

financial foundation

Women consistently start this course feeling avoidant, overwhelmed, scared or just plain uninspired by their finances. But by the time they finish this Masterclass, they have created their Security + Wealth Plan for their situation, and feel a whole new, empowered version of themselves as financially savvy business owners that can use numbers strategically to create their dreams.

It is truly LIFE CHANGING to see yourself building security + wealth each and every month.

your soulmate customer

Building your business without knowing your customer intimately is like trying to put a roof on a house without any walls.

In this masterclass, you'll gain an intimate understanding of your Soulmate Customer and learn a powerful methodology for how to write effective marketing copy that resonates with the people you love working with so you get to be with your favorite people all day AND get paid.

strategic time

We believe getting strategic with your time is a must.

Why? Because otherwise, you can work very hard for weeks/months/years with very little results in your bank account. And this might mean the difference between persevering until you reach your goals or giving up on your dream.

This masterclass is about TAKING THE REINS to become the conscious creator of your own destiny, everyday.

Our live 90-Day Business Training Program happens:

Jan - May - sept

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