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In all 17 years I have been attending workshops and events, for the first time ever, I got actual value for my time.

The WINC event was amazing and powerful. I was so impressed with your offers of not just connection and community, but real meat and tools to get shit done.

I made a decision a month ago to run my business as an actual business; get intentional about my dreams. Then, I saw your ad. So... God is listening. And so am I! I can tell you that in all 17 years I have been attending workshops and events, for the first time ever, I got actual value for my time. Crazy excited for my call and to dig IN on this!"

LAURIE. WINC event attendee.

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The most important

skill in your business &

how to develop it


There is one skill that has made it possible for me to overcome every challenge thrown my way, and manifest my dreams consistently.

After working with hundreds of women, I’ve seen that it is this skill more than any other that determines a woman’s success in building a business.

In fact, this one skill also makes it possible to literally create anything. In your health, in your relationships, in your finances, and in your inner world, too.

It is one of the greatest superpowers we can develop as a human being, and we all have the capacity to learn and practice this skill.
And… there are some factors that limit, or fragment, this innate skill.

Over the past twelve years, I've developed a profound understanding of the different archetypes among women entrepreneurs.

While each woman is so unique, there are certain patterns that often go together, and I'm an expert in recognizing them and helping women overcome the ones they are up against.

In the upcoming workshop, “The Most Important Business Skill”, I will show you:

  • What The Most Important Skill in Your Business is, and why developing it allows you to create more of whatever you want in life and business.
  • Four common archetypes among women entrepreneurs; what each archetype does super well and also really struggles with along the path of building her business.
  • How each of these archetypes need to approach developing The Most Important Skill in different ways. While the skill itself is the same, the path for developing it is quite different for each archetype in business.
  • How our culture emphasizes only one of the archetypes as the model for “success” and why this does a disservice to this specific archetype.
  • How our culture ignores or even criticizes the incredible super powers of the other three archetypes, and why this does a major disservice to these women, but also to the world we all share.
  • A very specific path for developing the most important skill, in accordance with your archetype, instead of a one-size fits all approach that doesn't work for so many women and their archetype.

Whether you are just starting your business, or have a successful six-figure business already, this workshop will turn the light on for understanding the super powers and liabilities of your archetype, while illuminating your personal archetype's trajectory for learning and practicing The Most Important Skill in Your Business.

When: Wednesday, June 5, from 10am - 11:30am MST
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free to attend live or purchase the replay for $12

2024 FALL 

90-day program

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build your

email list


Is "list building" on the long list of things you know you "should" be doing for your business but you either never get around to it, or you're not sure what to do?

Now more than ever, a healthy email list is a vital asset to your business.

Join us live and learn:

  • Why to build an email list
  • How to ensure your list is made up of ideal customers
  • What to share with your list
  • How a list turns into money in the bank account

When: Wednesday, May 1st, 10-11:30am MST
Where: Zoom
Cost: Cost: Free to attend live or purchase the replay for $12
RSVP: Must RSVP to attend

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the river:

your stage of business

and why it matters


Missed the live event? No problem! You can still catch all the valuable insights!

While you are totally unique and your journey is one of a kind, there is a decipherable pattern that we all go through in the journey of building a thriving business.

We call this journey, The River.

Where you are on The River illuminates exactly what to focus on and what NOT to focus on. This insight is a game changer… for your to-do list, for your overwhelm, for your self-doubt, and ultimately, for your bottom line.
If you feel like you’re in a maze, groping around in the dark, and fretting about the 10,000 things you should do to create or grow your biz, please join me and your WINC Sisters.

We’ll turn the light on. We'll give you the map. We’ll help you find your trust and focus for where you are right now (and where you'll be in the future too). And you’ll take a big sigh of relief because those 10,000 things will be reduced to just a few.

In this replay, you’ll learn:

  • To diagnose not only what stage of business you’re in now, but also the stages to come down the road, so that instead of feeling overwhelmed in the swirling caldron of to-dos and daily demands, you’ll have immense clarity on what to expect now, in the future, and why. I cannot overestimate the power of having a map and a compass in this entrepreneurial journey.
  • The common struggles in each stage of business – the practical/strategic struggles, the emotional barriers, and even, the spiritual transformation that your business invites you to embody in each stage – that directly affect how quickly you turn your vision and expertise into dollars in your bank account.
  • What to focus on in each stage of your business. One of the biggest barriers to our success is trying to do everything all at once. You’ll learn the specific areas to focus on in each stage of business, so that you can propel your business to the next profitable stage with more ease.
  • A four-part system that takes all the guesswork out of building a profitable business. It took us years to figure out how a business actually works and what to focus on to make money. If you’re not building your business systematically and strategically, it’s far too easy for “doing what you love” to be a j-o-b dressed up as a business. With this system, you’ll learn how to make money in your business efficiently and effectively, so you can have the lifestyle and freedom you personally desire as an entrepreneur.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into your entrepreneurial journey! Purchase the replay now.


why your marketing 

isn't working


Missed the live event? No problem! You can still catch all the valuable insights!

I will illuminate why your marketing isn't producing the results you would like and help you connect the dots so you know exactly how to make your marketing more effective (and maybe even more enjoyable!).

Get ready to blow the top off your relationship with marketing and step into the technicolor possibility of a steady flow of amazing customers, excited to work with YOU. And, the results in your bank account that follow.

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