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In all 17 years I have been attending workshops and events, for the first time ever, I got actual value for my time.

The WINC event was amazing and powerful. I was so impressed with your offers of not just connection and community, but real meat and tools to get shit done.

I made a decision a month ago to run my business as an actual business; get intentional about my dreams. Then, I saw your ad. So... God is listening. And so am I! I can tell you that in all 17 years I have been attending workshops and events, for the first time ever, I got actual value for my time. Crazy excited for my call and to dig IN on this!"

LAURIE. WINC event attendee.

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12 / 7 / 23

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A very cool organization in Europe, Life Itself, is interviewing Elizabeth and me about our business partnership.

This is the first time we are talking publicly about how we've created our business partnership as a win-win ecosystem for seven years and counting.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of business partnerships gone wrong...

but Elizabeth and I have experienced a seamless partnership...

No drama.
No legal battles.
No daily friction.
Easy Decision making.
Greater trust over time, not less.

We've been very intentional about how we do this, and we'd love to share our lessons learned with you.

Join us to learn:

  • Three essential ingredients that make someone a great candidate for being your business partner.
  • Case study on a business partnership Myka explored that did not work, and what went wrong.
  • How we took these lessons learned to create a very different approach that was instrumental to our partnership’s long-term success.
  • Specific issues around sharing power, and the opportunity to deepen your capacity to share power and empower others in business.
  • How we operate WINC not just as a business, but as an ecosystem, where everyone gets to thrive inside the company and out.
  • The one thing we do that is extremely rare, but makes our decision-making around delicate financial issues create more trust and less friction, instead of tearing our relationship and business apart.
  • How we have expanded our view of business partnership as a much bigger vision and support system than just running one company together. 

Cost: FREE
When: Thursday, Dec. 7 @ 11:30am MT
Where: Zoom. Must RSVP.



financial foundation


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This month’s WINC webinar theme is near and dear to our hearts – how to make sure that all self-employed, female entrepreneurs have a strong financial foundation for their future. It pains us greatly to see women entrepreneurs:

  • Struggle to find the money for Uncle Sam come tax time.
  • Arrive at retirement age without the nest egg needed.
  • Get slammed with an unexpected expense that sends a woman into a financial tail spin.
  • Do business without protecting your assets, which could ruin everything you’ve worked for in one fell swoop.
  • Lack understanding for how wealth and security are created over time. (Yes, making more money is one part, but definitely not the only part!)
  • Not feel like a totally empowered woman that uses numbers and her money to consciously direct her fate towards beauty, safety and goodness for both her and her family!

We deeply care about women everywhere being less vulnerable to these harrowing - but avoidable - financial experiences. In this webinar, I (Myka) will show women business owners how I've created my financial foundation as a woman entrepreneur over the last 20 years.

How I:

  • Protect my assets through the legal structure of my business, so I can sleep knowing my legal house is in order.
  • Plan appropriately for taxes ALWAYS, so I’m never caught off guard when Uncle Sam knocks.
  • Save for retirement, so that I’m not working “pay-check to pay-check” in my elderly years.
  • Invest in the growth of my business, so that I’m not just doggie paddling to keep my head above water.
  • Ensure that I have the funds for unexpected costs, so that I’m not sent sliding down the ladder whenever something from left field happens (which it always will!).
  • Plus, I'll show you how to create WEALTH overtime. Making more money is part of it, but there is far more to it than that.
  • The good news is you can build wealth, no matter how much money you're making right now, with what I'll show you. 

Financial responsibility is one of my great gifts. On the webinar, I'll give you a long list of benefits that my financial foundation has created for me, like a successful business for 10 years, owning my home, having excellent credit, a safety net in case the worst case nightmare were to happen, and the ability to go on an 18-month sabbatical.

Can’t wait to see you all!

When: Monday, November 20th from 12 - 1:30pm MT
Where: Zoom
Cost: $12 Replay
RSVP: Must RSVP to attend





Intro to FB /IG Ads Manager as data-driven lead generation. This will be highly focused on how to track your ad data to assess if your ads are profitable. We think this is priority #1 before even trying FB/IG ads. If some of you want training on exactly how to set up a FB // IG Ad, we’ll do a follow up workshop for technical implementation. But this first workshop is about how Meta Ads work plus making sure you are ready for ad spend and that you know how to forecast and analyze data so you aren’t throwing money away.

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At Marketing Bootcamp, we will demystify marketing for you, once and for all.

You will leave with a powerful, step-by-step marketing plan that you can implement right away to begin bringing a steady stream of dream clients into your business.

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