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In all 17 years I have been attending workshops and events, for the first time ever, I got actual value for my time.

The WINC event was amazing and powerful. I was so impressed with your offers of not just connection and community, but real meat and tools to get shit done.

I made a decision a month ago to run my business as an actual business; get intentional about my dreams. Then, I saw your ad. So... God is listening. And so am I! I can tell you that in all 17 years I have been attending workshops and events, for the first time ever, I got actual value for my time. Crazy excited for my call and to dig IN on this!"

LAURIE. WINC event attendee.

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Join me for The Queens' Council - Awakening and Amplifying your Sacred Feminine Sovereignty a 10-part master class series November 11/2 - 11/22. I am honored to be on the faculty for this amazing course with 14 other powerful women leaders focused on bringing forth the power of our sacred feminine sovereignty. There's simply no denying that our world is struggling under increasingly toxic Patriarchal values and behaviors. Women's rights, economic equality, Mother Nature and so many other critical elements of life on Earth are yearning for another way of BEING - one that is life affirming and soul nourishing.

Nothing short of a tremendous ground-swell of empowered, embodied, and enlivened women, sovereign queens ready to live and lead from love, is going to change the trajectory we areon. This is your invitation to lean in and help create the new path forward in your life and in the world.
More transmission than teaching, during your time with the Queens Council Faculty, you will come away with practical tools to support you in tapping into your feminine superpowers by:

  • Choosing behaviors that nourish your body, mind, heart and soul
  • Unlocking the vibrancy, passion, and creativity that lives in your body
  • Building the capacity to feel comfortable with your greatness
  • Opening your heart to the pure delight of living and loving free from guilt
  • Unleashing your voice, your truth and your sacred purpose in the world
  • Releasing yourself and your loved ones from the illusions that keep you small
  • Becoming deliciously and securely connected to your Soul 
No more powering through, ignoring the needs of your body, the desires of your heart, or the yearning of your soul!

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“WINC is without a doubt one of the best investments I have ever made in my business and myself.”